Make the Snowshoeing Pledge: iNeverSolo

432098_482892698388119_435037770_nGreat news, you’ll never have to snowshoe alone again. Well, at least technically speaking.

iNeverSolo is a mobile site intended to be your wingman on any excursion. Simply enter your trip details and the people you want to be notified with the information and violà, an instant buddy system.

The site was launched in Fall 2012 with the intention of lowering missing person mishaps. With nationally broadcast stories like lost hiker Aron Ralston, Founder Jed Mitchell and Business Development Director Peter Downing wanted to take action in preventing such misfortunes.

“The site is intended to be as versatile as you want it to be,” Downing said. Users simply enter all trip details they want to include and a list of receipts to be notified if the trip isn’t completed. The site accommodates as many details as necessary such as starting points, stopping points, destination, route and intended travel time.

At the end of the excursion, the user will be contacted asking if they successfully completed the trip, at which point the trip is either confirmed as complete or designated recipients receive an alert.

“If you have a plan, there’s no [rescue] delay and that little bit of time can be the difference between saving somebody’s life or not,” Downing said. The site is a useful tool for outdoor enthusiasts as well as anyone seeking that added security in unpredictable situations (think Craigslist exchanges or blind dates).

Currently, the iNeverSolo is accessible via Web and mobile devices at The mobile website is fully functional from any smartphone, with an app in development. The service is completely free of charge and comes with the opportunity to win weekly giveaways from participating sponsors.

Snowshoe Magazine has partnered with iNeverSolo to give-away a pair of Tubbs snowshoes. Click here for more information.

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