Gear Review: Vasque Snowblime Ultradry – Men’s Winter Boot

The keenest of backpackers doesn’t usually view the seasonal changes as a hindrance, merely a challenge. Part of that challenge is seeking out a rugged boot which will see him through all weathers from autumn to spring. The Vasque Snowblime Ultradry is one such boot.

This major league manufacturer has designed one tough and durable piece of footwear, which is not only completely waterproof inside and out, but has the guarantee of total comfort thanks to its “CuShin” comfort technology (helping eliminate shin discomfort). No matter the conditions or the situation, the boot performs brilliantly.

TURCOFWHBe it a full-on hike, a winter stroll, snowshoeing or rock climbing. Designed to look the part, the Vasque Snowblime’s leather outer shrugs off the snow while its “Thinsulate” internal insulation – 200 grams of it – keeps the warmth well and truly where it belongs. An important consideration if you want to focus on the scenery and forget about your feet.

In slippery conditions, the boot is premier league thanks to its hard-wearing “Vasque Venture” sole, which guarantees safe traction and easily sheds the dirt, the mud and the snow. The Snowblime tackles the harshest of weather conditions with ease having been designed with the specifics of winter hikes in mind.

Is snowshoe and crampon compatible and has superior ankle support. The collar is fleece lined to add to the comfort factor and don’t worry if you have flatter feet, that’s taken care of too with the boot’s Perpetuum Last, which also helps the toes to spread naturally. Lightweight (three pounds) but able to stand up to the toughest of terrain, the boot has advanced technology stamped all over it and will deliver outstanding performance day after day, mile after mile.

Finished in waterproof textile and nubuck – a top grain leather with almost a velvet finish – the result is a classic “hiking boot” design and a perfect choice for the hiker and outdoor enthusiast looking for more than just another practical pair of boots.

Available in sizes (US) 7-12, 13, 14, the boot comes with a full one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Visit for more information. To purchase the Snowblime boot, click here.

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  • Day late and dollar short, as far as reviews go. I have read this review, and although I agree with most, I have a qualified review that counters, due to lack of durability in materials. I have owned two pairs of these Vasque SnowBlime boots. First wear, they fit like a glove, allow freedom of movement considering size of boot and traction beyond any boot I’ve ever owned. Lacing system is simple and secure and claims of waterproof bear out. Now for the counter, after 1/12yrs of use the material between boot and tongue failed and caused the boot to leak like a sieve. I complained to Vasque and in relative short order they shipped out a new pair. Now, the new pair has suffered the same defect. Material between boot and tongue failed, wore out, ripped, separated and compromised waterproof claims of this boot. I use these for Grouse hunting in northern Wisconsin. Morning due, marsh borders, rain and snow these boots have seen it all. But two pairs, three hunting seasons and these boots are useless. Dry hikes they’re fine, but waterproof they are no longer. Again I called Vasque, not for replacements but to vent, A boot with such extreme potential only to fail due to substandard materials in an area critical to a boots longevity and success is troubling. My review of original pair entitled, “same as Fatal Flaw” can be viewed on . Other consumers have had similiar complaints, posting there as well. Buyer beware.

    • Hi David, Thank you so much for submitting your review of these boots! I apologize that I did not see your comment sooner. I’m sorry to hear that two pairs of boots had this defect with the materials. Though, I’m glad to hear that you passed this information along to Vasque. Unfortunately, I am unsure how the boots fared for the writer who completed this review several years ago, but I’m thankful that you’ve shared your experience with other snowshoers. -Susan, Editor