Pocket Rockets: Injinji’s Ex-Celerator Compression Toesocks

Add Injinji’s unique glove-for-your-feet with the known benefits of compression socks—what do you get? Pocket rockets, like in poker when two aces are dealt to you, an immediate strong hand. We know Injinji’s Compression Socks as pocket rockets for the legs, acing a pair for your feet and calves.

Note the distinctive red logo tag

Note the distinctive red logo tag

With Injinji’s distinctive duo—compression and toesocks—one trumps the three 6’s of time on snowshoes or trail shoes: fatigue, pain and cramps. “Yeah, but . . .” you say, “Compression socks are everywhere.” Maybe it’s that kind of wrong-headed thinking why you’re slipping in your age-group results, why you can’t keep up anymore . . . when no one notices you’re not even there.

First and foremost, discover why these Injinji-aces star at the most creative sock company yet. Without them, what protects those disrespected extremities sticking out from the foot. Toes are little devils happy to cripple your day to garner your attention.

When they cry out, their voice is your pain. “You don’t take care of us, and you think we’re going to ‘like’ you? This ain’t FaceBook, this is trails!” Toes have never been too cultured in their voice, being on the bottom and all, though their message stings with the truth of reality.

The 5-toesock style, a patented feature, mounts the key guard against blistering your toes, COOLMAX. This fabric protects each toe with a gentle wrap; FreshFX technology battles friction and moisture with a freshness that stays, like biscuits out of the hot oven, not that day-old loaf.

Pocket Rockets

Pocket Rockets

Wear your Injinji Compressions hard in your sport; then go ahead, wash them repeatedly. A wearer might expect microbial growth occurring during those dusty dirty forays up and down the vistas and grasses of your favorite trails. No worries; FreshFX benefits hold up, bailing feet free of bad bacteria.

Here is a shocker next time you pick up a random pair of socks: bacteria growth occurs even on unworn fabric. “They’re alive! They’re alive, I tell you,” Gene Wilder discovers in “Young Frankenstein.”

But, not on these socks. Why not? “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind,” the Mamas and Papas sang. Magically, silver bonds with COOLMAX FreshFX in the formulating process, dealing out contaminants.

The impact? Athlete’s socks remain odor free, fresh as the fallen snow; good luck finding that with your bargain-basement compression varieties.

Additionally, the toe-holds provide alignment and critical support for those ten little digits marching to their own drum, going every-which-way.

The deal seals when the second ace, Injinji’s Ex-Celerator technology, flops down. Stoked with Lycra Energy, the duo rockets as a major rule changer in the choices of compression.

Reaching to the kneecap, the stretchy fabric reduces calf vibration. This feeling, sometimes described as “bees buzzing” in the muscle, contribute to fatigue. These compression socks squeeze the ankle, decompressing up the leg, providing comfort.Injini sock red logo header_gray_mc

Think of it as 14 hands squeezing the ankle scaling back to eight hands at the kneecap. Injinji calls the advance their Anatomical Interface System; your legs call it solace.

I wore a pair of Injinji Ex-Celerator Toesocks at the Tuscobia Winter Ultras where I snowshoed the 35-mile course. Their comfort and support contributed to my finish. Afterwards, everything about me was drooping except my Injinjis, still perfect black with the red logo adding a touch of identifying color.

They slipped none because of the Dual Welt Band of material gripping my knee snugly. Their ingenious Vector Heel provides what Injinji calls “a non-slip anchor” to bond the sock to the foot’s back.

The inside view of the calf muslce (courtesy Sports Injury Clinic.com)

The inside view of the calf muscle (courtesy Sports Injury Clinic.com)

I experienced no lower leg swelling, meaning circulation had not slowed around the ankles. The compression also stopped cramping before it began.

If one is concerned about arch support, the Injinji Compression has designed in a three-ply material providing an underpinning for that critical part of the foot.

Because my footwear used in snowshoes are running models, I add a second pair of heavier trail socks pulled over the Injinjis to act like a mitten over a glove like one uses in extreme cold temperatures. The duo also provides additional cushioning against the hours of banging along on a snowshoe, landing on firm snow.

Injinji means “a peak performance point.” To an athlete, Injinji’s Ex-Celerator Performance Toesocks deliver pocket rockets, a deal which can carry you to aces high.

For more information on Injinji, visit www.injinji.com.  To purchase Injinji products, click here.

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