STABILicers Help Prevent Slips, Falls on Icy Terrain

STABILicers can literally save your behind, if you take the time to put them on. Last winter, the following scenario would NOT have played out had I taken 30 seconds to slip my STABILicers over my dress shoes.stabilicers-original

I looked out the window one morning in February and saw a sheet of ice covering my car and everything else in sight, including my 100-yard long steep driveway. Before stepping out of the house, I thought briefly about slipping on the STABILicers but knew I could easily make it the 30 feet to my car. Bad idea. Besides, STABILicers were not designed to be worn with dress shoes; a huge fashion faux pas.

As I headed out the door with a satchel in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other, I gingerly took baby steps toward my car, but after a few steps, I had no traction, obviously, and began slowly sliding down the driveway. I tried crouching and digging my heel into the ice, but nothing happened. As I continued picking up speed and looking at that fence at the end of the driveway that wasn’t about to move, I quickly jettison the satchel and coffee mug, diving head first into a pile of snow. Lesson learned.

Developed by a Maine company called 32north, STABILicers are literally studded snow tires for your feet, and they come in handy for a variety of applications. Models are designed for work and play. For example, the popular STABILicers Lite are recommended for those who regularly work outdoors, like mail carriers, delivery workers, and even the elderly, who may find it challenging to walk in snow or icy conditions. Regardless of the application, STABILicers Lite provide unbeatable grip. Made from the same TPE Elastomer as the STABILicers Sport, the Lite is easy to pull on and take off, while securely fitting to both shoes and boots.

stabilicers-liteSTABILicers Lite’s non-replaceable multi-directional steel cleats bite into ice and snow allowing you to stride naturally through winter’s worst conditions. Another benefit: the Lite rolls up nicely and is small enough to carry in a purse or workbag. They are definitely handy and prevent these unpredictable months from catching you off guard.

The STABILicers Sportrunners, as its name indicates, is designed for those active outdoors during winter months, like runners, firefighters, etc.  Full foot slip protection with heel and forefoot cleats help maintain traction throughout your natural stride. The dual-density Thermoplastic Elastomer construction with replaceable cleats provides longwearing durability. Other benefits include:

  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Elastomer holds STABILicers Sportrunners securely in place
  • Traction tread outsole and cleats contact walking surface, providing superior grip on ice, snow, rock, and pavement
  • Long-wearing, case-hardened replaceable cleats save money
  • Optional brass cleats are softer and non-sparking; giving fuel deliverymen greater safety and peace of mind

Moving away from winter months, TURFgrabbers are designed to reduce the risk of slips and falls on wet, hilly, or uneven terrain for everyday lawn care to landscaping professionals, golf groundskeepers, park maintenance crews, or highway median crews, to name a few.

stabilicers-sportrunnersAnother summertime footwear application is the Insta Golf Shoes, which are high quality, durable, pull on golf spikes that fit virtually any shoe. Insta Golf Shoes are constructed of the same rugged Thermoplastic Elastomer, which firmly grabs the toe and heel of any shoe you choose to wear.

For the traveling golfer, Insta Golf Shoes make packing easy. They arrive with a custom travel bag which may be reused for storage and travel. Simply wear your favorite shoes and stick your Insta Golf Shoes in your golf bag where they take up very little space. Whether you are playing the sunny fairways of Florida or a links course in Scotland, Insta Golf Shoes will provide you traction and stability.

And finally, if you ever find yourself in a slippery situation, start a fashion trend and slip on your STABILicers. Your body will appreciate it. For more details about STABILicers, visit

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Rick Stedman

Rick Stedman

Rick Stedman is an avid snowshoer and golfer. He currently lives in Olympia, Washington.

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