Merrell Newkirk Tri-Therm Parka: Versatile and Stylish

If the winter chill has got you feeling gray, you can brighten your world with the Merrell Newkirk Tri-Therm parka. This coat has a fashionable cut, bright colors and flexible warmth. What is “flexible warmth,” you might ask? Well, that’s what makes this coat so awesome – it’s three-in-one versatility. You choose the level of warmth you desire, and this coat will deliver.

Based on your activity level and Mother Nature’s mood, you can choose to wear the outer shell, the inner liner or both together. The hooded shell acts as a raincoat and windbreaker, providing ample warmth. The lightweight inner liner easily zips and snaps out, creating a sleek and comfortable base layer. Worn by itself, no one would ever know that it was part of a set; it is substantial enough to stand on its own. I wore the liner hiking in late fall, and it provided the perfect amount of warmth on the trail. Of course, if you want the best of all worlds—rain and wind protection, a hood, extra warmth—you can wear the shell and liner together to create a seamless winter coat.

Not only is the Newkirk versatile, it is fashionable, and for a winter coat, not bulky (a huge bonus for my tastes). One friend commented that even though the parka can protect you from the elements and stand up to rugged terrain, it looks softer, with a cut almost like a pea coat. The outer shell has a textured, linen appearance, which is very cool, and the inner jacket has bold criss-cross stitching to keep things interesting.

I have to admit that after looking at the jackets online and choosing the purple shell with the green lining, I was a shocked by the discrepancy in how the green color showed up on my computer and how it showed up on my front porch. The liner is BRIGHT green, almost neon, whereas I thought it looked lighter and more muted online. I have had strangers approach me and tell me how much they love the color of my jacket and how they noticed it right away. If you wear the liner alone, you won’t blend into the crowd, and your friends won’t lose you on the snowshoe trail either.

I really love the water-resistant zippers on the front hand pockets. If I want to go play in the snow, I like knowing I can put my phone in my pocket and not worry that it will get soaked. I also like that many aspects of the coat are adjustable. The hood has Velcro and drawstring adjusters on the back of it, so you are never stuck with the hood covering your eyes or falling off the back of your head. There is also a drawstring at the waist, so you can adjust the coat as necessary.

Merrell offers numerous awesome gear items that I would highly recommend. The Newkirk Tri-Therm parka retails for $269, and you can find additional products and details at

To purchase the Merrell Newkirk Tri-Therm parka, click here.

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  • I just got a screaming deal on this jacket at a local outdoor clothing store. I love it! I have been looking for a versatile, breathable, layering system for fall/winter/spring sports. We snowshoe, Nordic ski and hike. This jacket has it all AND it looks great. I love the longer length and the ability to wear the shell and liner separately. This is just a smart piece of gear and I am thrilled with this purchase.