The Coldest Journey Chooses ColdAvenger for Antarctic Record Attempt

The Talus Outdoor Technologies ColdAvenger line of cold weather face masks has been chosen to assist The Coldest Journey, an unrivaled polar expedition, as a selected official gear sponsor. It is being led by explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, and is a mission to collect data for climatologists as well as raise funds for Seeing is Believing, a non profit to help tackle avoidable blindness.

The Coldest Journey team will be exposed to temperatures as low as -90 °C (-130 °F) and the middle of the trip will be done in near permanent darkness. In choosing gear for this dangerous crossing, The Coldest Journey team hand-picked gear to sustain the safety of the expedition. In a study conducted by The Coldest Journey, The ColdAvenger was put to the test in temperature controlled chambers than were able to generate temperatures as low as -58 °C (-72 °F).  In a side-by-side comparison, the ColdAvenger out-performed the competition and proved to maintain air temperature within the mask at an average of 15 °C (59 °F). This independent test further validates the ColdAvenger’s patented ventilation technology to keep temperatures inside the mask significantly higher than the harmful, outside cold air.

“This expedition is one for the ages, and a perfect battleground for the ColdAvenger,” says John Sullivan III, CEO of Talus Outdoor Technologies. “It’s awesome to see the ColdAvenger proving superior as the chosen mask for this remarkable journey. The accomplishment of being the first to cross the Antarctic in the winter will be unparalleled. However benefiting the Seeing is Believing program and helping to provide otherwise inaccessible scientific information will make for a truly significant expedition.”

The expedition will run side-by-side with a fundraising initiative to raise $10m for Seeing is Believing, an organization that works to fight blindness around the world.

In addition, information gathered on the expedition will provide invaluable scientific research that has been previously inaccessible.  This information will assist climatologists in their research as well as help form an educational program supporting up to 100,000 schools across the United Kingdom.

Expedition leader Fiennes and his team of six will begin their journey on March 21st, 2013 from the Russian base of Novolazareskaya via the South Pole. The journey is scheduled to last six months and will conclude at Captain Scott’s base at McMurdo Sound.

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