No. 7 Snowshoe-friendly Ski Resort: Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, Oregon

The word “Wanderlust” stems from the merging of two German words—wander (to hike) and lust (desire). Substitute hiking for snowshoeing and then you can connect to the resort’s choice of using the term Wanderlust as it relates to the world of snowshoeing. It’s obvious why Mt. Bachelor chose Wanderlust as the title for the majority of its snowshoe tours: “Discover what’s around the Bend, high amidst the Oregon Cascades!”

If you’ve ever spent any time in Oregon, you would have to agree that the perceived beauty of the state has something to do with the great outdoors—through rose colored glasses. Everything just looks prettier in Oregon. The forests, the mountains, the waterfalls, the fairies and the après-snowshoe brews are all part of the Oregon culture, Mt. Bachelor included. Coming from an Oregon Duck, I can actually say this from both true experience and an organic heartfelt place of love for such an amazing state.

Photo courtesy of Jon Tapper.

Any mountain that boasts that their tours will have you catching ‘air’ on your snowshoes by leaping over lava flows should make the No. 1 overall position as a resort destination. Then there’s the FREE Snowshoe Tours with a U.S. Forest Ranger—where you can learn about mountain ecology and natural history while you snowshoe; they even provide the equipment. The age limit is eight years old, so check the website for times and restrictions in advance.

Most of the snowshoe programs are child-friendly, extremely fun, and uniquely Oregon. The mountain provides your gear (even pants) on tours which is not the common case from resort to resort. With more than a dozen trails spread over 56k of terrain, you’re entitled to explore everything on one trail pass ticket and a set of adult rentals will run you $16 on a weekend. For new parents, Mt. Bachelor is so family friendly you can even rent a Pulk Sled for $15 and tow your bundled little one behind you as you trek. No worries either, as the Pulk Sled comes equipped with a waterproof shell and a secure harness.

Photo courtesy of Jon Tapper.

Bonus >> Mt. Bachelor’s season is one of the longest in the U.S.!
Recommended guided tour >> It’s a toss between the “Shoes, Brews and Views Tour” and “Bonfire on the Snow.” Tough choice… do both.
Après >> Beer, beer and more micro beer. Clearing Rock Bar (aka “The Rock”)
Where to stay >> Seventh Mountain Resort
What to know >> The Wanderlust Tours are calling you!
For Families >> You may never leave…

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