The Supplement no Snowshoer Should be Without

Whether you’re a seasoned snowshoer or stepping out for the first time, looking after your joints this winter should be a priority. After all, taking care of your knees is an investment all winter sports enthusiasts should make to get the most out of this season’s fresh powder.

A little preparation can go a long way when it comes to getting your body winter ready. Top of the list should be ensuring your body has enough glucosamine as it could help keep joints flexible making you less prone to injury. It could also help ease aching knees and joints after a tough day on the trails.

What is glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an amino sugar molecule that occurs naturally in our bodies. Essential to good joint health, it is used to produce the chemicals that are needed by the body to build cartilage, tendons, joint fluid and ligaments.

Although glucosamine is naturally found in our bodies, as we get older the amount we can make begins to wane. Topping up your own reserves with one of Healthspan’s expertly formulated supplements is a good way to combat this decline, and could help support your snowshoeing in two main ways:

Reduce the impact: While snowshoeing is a relatively low impact activity for joints, compared to the likes of trail running for example, any sport or exercise can leave you vulnerable to the risk of injury. Knee problems are particularly common, and something to be aware of when you’re facing uneven surfaces where you could lose your footing. Taking a glucosamine supplement could help minimize those risks by keeping joints supple and flexible.

Sooth the strain: If knee or other joint pain is holding you back, or even putting you out of action, it’s not too late to include Healthspan’s range of glucosamine supplements into your daily diet. Glucosamine not only helps repair joints, it also helps reduce swelling, inflammation and stiffness. In fact, a six-month trial reported in the New England Journal found patients who took 1,500mg of glucosamine daily had a greater reduction of arthritic pain in the knees than those patients taking either Paracetamol or a placebo.

Healthspan’s Optiflex Glucosamine range boasts 11 specially formulated products. Made from the purest natural ingredients they are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and, because they are derived from a sustainable corn base, are 100% allergen and shellfish free.

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