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Here at Tubbs, we eagerly wait for winter so we can get out and explore. Though we test our products year round it’s always a joy when the snow levels lower and get within an hour drive of our home base in Seattle, Washington. As the winter rolls in we can get our latest models out on the snow and explore as we please.

This year Tubbs is excited to introduce improvements on our top of the line snowshoes, as well as our entry-level snowshoes. We believe that our products should be continually put to the test and improved upon to get you further on the snow, in product that functions perfectly, but also looks good.

The Mountaineer snowshoe, for those ambitious backcountry travelers, features a newly developed frame shape – The ProStep Frame. This frame is beneficial because of the way it combines both the importance of ergonomics as well as flotation. The ProStep Frame helps follow your natural stride from heel to toe with the continuous frame bend found in both the tail end and front of the snowshoe. This lower height provides more flotation, with more surface area covering the snow. Early testers have raved about the new frame shape being an improvement – we know you’ll love it too! Also updated were the graphics, with new designs on both the Men’s and the Women’s Mountaineers.

Tubbs is also excited to announce our expanded size in our FLEX ALP snowshoe. As our FLEX models have gained popularity, we had to respond to the desire to have a FLEX model with increased surface area to provide more flotation for backcountry ascents. Those with heavier loads relying on the increased flotation will love the traction that the FLEX ALP XL provides, along with the comfort of the same great ActiveFlex™ binding. These snowshoes will

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provide the perfect traction and comfort for backcountry travel, whether it’s for an afternoon or over a weekend!

We are also excited to announce a new binding this year – the QuickPull binding, featured on the Xplore snowshoes. This new binding is a dream to use – very simple to get into as well as secure and comfortable with multiple systems to keep your foot in place without pressure points. Testers raved about the simplicity of this binding and the security it provided. The Men’s and Women’s Xplore snowshoes also were enhanced with new graphics, black and green for the Men and purple and white for the Women’s. Those new to snowshoeing and those that love trail walking will love the features on the Xplore!

Check out these great features on the Tubbs Snowshoes and come join us at one of our many demo events or Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Series this winter! We also would love for you to share your adventures on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/TubbsSnowshoes.

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