Snow Junkie Boots by VASQUE: Skip the Weathercast

A powerful producer in David Lynch’s Palme d’Or nominated “Mulholland Drive,” demands a special actress for a role in this movie-within-a-movie with the oft-repeated line: “This is the girl.”

The highly awarded VASQUE has its own cast of shoes, boots and footwear, but a golden (snow) palm is awarded to their new Snow Junkies UltraDry. To venture outside in winter, snow or no-snow, you too must say: “This is the boot.”

Others are just for show but in comparison with the ultra-stylized Snow Junkies, they’re relegated to just so much snow-blow. I’m sporting the Jet Black Chili Peppers—that name itself is worth the admission ticket—defining the true meaning of pizzazz.

The red-accented black laces, lace-loops and loop stitching, along with two red VASQUE and “V” logos plus the ankle-pull on the heel set off the sharpish black boot like pin striping on a Maserati.

The fit—and these are my feet talking—surrounds those ever-tender small bones and joints providing propulsion like firm pillows of care. No dreading the wear of these boots as ankles are hugged by the soft fleece collar lining, so putting them on or just cruising to show them off is no problem. The exterior heel wrap-around attaches to the laces so snugging up for individual comfort is as easy as a flick.

Snow Junkies style and comfort is so cool, I wear them when possible in the office.

Even with insulation packing the boot at every turn, one’s foot doesn’t get uncomfortable even if temperatures surprise you by staying warm. I havn’t had the opportunity yet to wear them in -20 F conditions, but there is no question their warmth will be there for me. Why?

Because VASQUE liberally uses the premium footwear insulation Thinsulate. These lightest-in-class synthetic fibers just do not absorb moisture. In cold, damp conditions or warm sweaty times, feet are kept totally comfortable, almost like an automatic thermostat is controlling things. Such flexibility is a requirement for long treks where one has to be prepared for constant challenges or when just running errands with snow falling as fast as bank accounts at tax time.

The 200 gram selection (grams per square meter of insulation) used in each pair of Snow Junkies is perfect for your winter high activity jaunts. One can almost hear the SJ’s soothing repose, “Embrace winter, we’ll take care of you.”

The design incorporates VASQUE’s Perpetuum Last specifically created for long clocks on trails. This straight line last is easily comfortable with flatter feet. For high arches (like my right foot), use your inserts to adjust the boot just as I do in all of my shoes and snowshoes.

The instep’s design in sleek red with a dual density EVA / TPU plate pairs with a stable textile forefoot plate.

Heels constructed from VASQUE Blur are kept smartly low so movement afoot is minimized. Boot strike is solid meaning involuntary contact with earth—call that a fall—is nominalized.

Feet are swell but they also swell up creating pressure and pain, two badges not welcome on your vest. With any Snow Junkies size, a generous toe box is a notable design element from the VASQUE think-tank.

The boots’ bulk is modest, about 37 oz. for average sizes. My size 14s, a kind of mini-snowshoe, weigh slightly more.

The Snow Junkies’ UltraDry feature is not just a label; it is a VASQUE promise of waterproof boots constructed of combined waterproof leather and textiles.

Stanley Kubrick recounted in a speech accepting the D.W. Griffith Directors Guild Award in 1998 a comment made to him by friend, Steven Spielberg. Essentially Spielberg said the key for becoming a great director is arriving in the morning and “getting out of the car.”

From that refreshing insight where even the greatest and powerful creators have that hesitation of doubt, harboring the thought to escape by turning around, crawling back under the covers, pulling the sheet way over the head, the stress is too much, provides lessons for outdoor athletes.

In the frigid winter arriving at a trail for a training session, all of those apply plus the wind is too high, the snow too thick, it doesn’t get light until noon, the heater is so comfortable . . . .

From those devils of discouragement burning the mind blooms the courage to win. By opening the car door, a victory of sorts is already there.

There is nothing more assuring to a cold-weather enthusiast than footwear and clothing supporting the decision to roll out of a warm bed at insane hours in inclement conditions to get out-of-doors and enjoy nature. Slipping on a pair of top quality Snow Junkies rewards those decisions.

It is confidence that in winter air, feet will be comfortably warm, not as Pink Floyd sings, “Comfortably numb.”

Hike, work, hunt, snowboard, snow walk, snow jog, even when you sit at a computer writing your blog . . . sport Snow Junkies. VASQUE design teams adopted as their motto with this brand, “You can keep moving through the winter without anything holding you back.”

And, yes, there’s a color choice: available is the Pesto/Beluga with white lettering, pesto green uppers contrasted with two-tone black filling out the boot.

In the style of my boot, the Red Hot Chili Peppers hit “Give it Away” offers the lyrics “Never been a better time than right now” and “Keep you warm won’t let you shiver,” both fitting this cool look.

Buy VASQUE Snow Junkies for $129.95. For more information on VASQUE Footwear, visit

Maybe VASQUE really means freedom when they tell you, “This winter, go exploring.”

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