Looptworks’ Electronics Sleeves: Conscious and Stylish Protection

At first glance, it would seem that iPad cases are made the same. For the most part, they protect from scratches, light spills and provide an added layer of shock absorption, right? Well yes, but it turns out that some options outshine others.

The Looptworks 10-inch Shan Envelope Laptop Sleeve fits the iPad perfectly. The sleeve can stretch up to one inch in depth, so you can easily throw in a few folded papers or extra items. Although allowing for a little extra space, the sleeve is sleek and not the least bit bulky.

Upon opening this protective electronics sleeve, I held it up and oohed and ahhed over the simple yet cool design. My case is gray with a dusty plum flap and blue Looptworks logo stitching that adds just the right amount of flair. Other great color options are also available.

Stylish? Check. Compassionate? Check. Okay, so the word “compassionate” probably sounds a bit far-fetched for an electronics case, but this beauty is made with 100 percent upcycled neoprene. The materials were rescued from a wetsuit factory and upcycled into a padded sleeve, which means that Looptworks is creating a greener product and therefore is showing love and – you guessed it – compassion to Mother Earth.

By using what already exists and reducing the consumption of new raw materials, Looptworks is able to decrease energy usage, air pollution, water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, this product’s namesake, “shan,” means mountain in Taiwanese, representing mountains of excess wetsuit material saved. What a clever and meaningful name, huh?

The sleeve fastens with a magnetic closure that is quick and easy to snap shut and open up. One concern that I had, which never caused an actual issue, is that you can readily feel the backside of the snap through the inside of the sleeve. I wondered if this could potentially scratch or damage the screen of an electronic. If I were to make a minor change to this product, for good measure, I would add a small square of extra padding over the back of the closure.

Now, let’s talk a little more about functionality and protection. Those creative geniuses over at Looptworks have outfitted each case with a brushed nylon liner to guard your iPad from the elements or a splash of morning coffee. This sleeve does everything you’d expect, but it does it very well – and in a fashionable and earth-conscious way.

In addition to the 10-inch Shan, Looptworks makes comparable sleeves in varying sizes for laptops and electronics large and small. The 10-inch Shan Envelope Laptop Sleeve retails for $28.00, and you can find additional information at www.looptworks.com.

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