The Inaugural Met Con Blue a Blazing Success

This was a race that left many people singing the Blues.

The first Met Con Blue Adventure Race was held last weekend in Ontario’s Blue Mountains with more than 1,000 participants.

The event was billed as the “most insane five kilometre mountain adventure race on the planet”.

“The Met Con Blue Crew couldn’t be happier with the inaugural Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race,” said spokesperson Jenn Nichol. “Despite all the rain the day before, the weather held up for us on Saturday, it was a great day all around. The terrain was phenomenal, and paired together with the 13 hardcore obstacles, it made for a challenging course.”

Nichol said “Met Con Blue started with a team of locals getting together, thinking that Blue Mountain looked like the perfect venue for this type of adventure racing.  It has phenomenal terrain and astonishing views.”

“Met Con Blue is a grueling five kilometres with 13 hardcore obstacles strategically placed throughout the course,” she added. “All of our Met Con Blue recruits certainly brought it…. and left it all on the mountain.”

A well-known local triathlete and Iron Man competitor took first place overall. Luka Senk finished the race in just over 34 minutes.

Annie Pilon, another notable local endurance competitor, also competed, finishing in the top 10 in her age category.

She said she was pleased with the event, but had a few constructive criticisms for the organizers.

“I don’t think some of the participants were ready for the first section – there was so much up (elevation) that there was lots of walking rather than running up the hill. All the obstacles were easy enough, especially if you were in a team. Maybe they might have placed a few during the climb up.”

“Running or trudging through the mountain bike runs was a choice of either go with momentum, wipe out or climb through the bush. They should have had water right at the finish line and gave away some half bananas or something. If the temp had been 25 C and up there would have been many under-hydrated people.”

Despite those mild concerns, Pilon said “I had fun, and just not trying to hurt myself was a challenge!”

Steph McLarty also competed in the race, and she was still flushed with satisfaction two days later.

“I’m hurting today…but it was a great day,” she said.

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