Gear Review: HornyToad Toad Traveler Bottle

What is every stainless steel water bottle on the planet missing?

Recipes for the end-of-day cocktails, of course.

HornyToad has the problem solved with its Toad Traveler bottle, which comes complete with 22 cocktail recipes printed on the side. Never again will you be faced with a night in the backcountry without your usual Tom Collins. Never again will you have to suffer through a watered down, off tasting martini simply because you couldn’t remember the correct gin to vermouth ratio.

Of course, the backcountry bartender aspect is just part of the sales pitch for the 40oz Toad Traveler. Crafted from Klean Kanteen’s food grade stainless steel, the bottle doesn’t leave any sort of metallic aftertaste and boasts and extra wide mouth opening (2.125 inches in diameter) that threads directly onto many brands of water filters. It’s also dishwater safe, which has to be requirement number one for any bottle that sees use in the backcountry.

At the end of the day, though, it is refreshing to see a bottle manufacturer that knows what its customers really want, and what they’re really using these bottles for. After all, a good hike is a good hike. But enjoying a well-made Manhattan out under the stars is a real thing of beauty.

For more information about the Toad Traveler visit HornyToad’s website.

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