All Acclimate! ALTITUDE ADVANTAGE Adjusts Abilities and Attitude

A wonder-bottle of sweet oxygen help at altitude is now available . . . in capsule form! Pack a pocketful and traipse on up to Frisco, CO, the main street for the Rockies, for the Dion Snowshoes USSSA National Snowshoe Championships on February 24-26, 2012. For someone like me who felt the altitude at Bolton Valley, VT for the 2006 Nationals—that was only 2,000 ft—Wilderness Athlete saves my day with Altitude Advantage.

"Take me and Breathe!"

From the wizards at Wilderness Athlete working down in their cavernous labs came this mixture “learned from the ancient Himalayan Sherpa’s as well as modern herbal science.”

Did you know this? Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) commonly known as high altitude sickness is caused by low atmospheric pressures at high altitudes, giving the sensation of “thin air.” However, oxygen concentration actually remains constant at altitudes accessible to humans, but the lower pressure results in reduced absorption of oxygen.

So at Frisco’s soaring heights, remember . . . the oxygen is there. The trick is to get it absorbed. The black hat for this trick is the little bottle of Altitude Advantage.

You’ll want it because at Frisco there will be an estimated 30% fewer oxygen molecules per breath, so the body will adjust to having less oxygen over time. If you live there, that’s an advantage.

So here is your advantage to combat all of those living Rocky Mountain High: Use those little capsules of Altitude Advantage. This is not voodoo. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken who combined 11 herbs and spices to make their specialty item back when it was okay to eat it—we didn’t know any better—Wilderness Athlete blended a quartet of natural herbal giants in a proprietary formula to produce these little portable oxygenators singing their song for the body.
Go read about it here for more in-depth info for the doubting Thomas’s and those who have the time.

The Altitude Kit is ready to rock: Both Hydrate & Recover packets and the Altitude Advantage capsule are loaded

Otherwise, here is the program you will want to follow: Take two Altitude Advantage capsules once daily with one pre-mixed WA Hydrate & Recover starting five days prior to ascent to higher elevations. Increase dosage to two capsules twice daily with one pre-mixed WA Hydrate & Recover while climbing or staying at higher elevations.

Whether you racing for the USSSA National Championship win, USSSA National Team membership, age-class medals, or just to secure a good personal finish, don’t wait until you’re struggling for air and then decide you should’ve taken Altitude Advantage. Order it right now. One bottle should do it for you; be sure to get the Hydrate & Recover mix, too. Don’t skimp. These are the National Championships you’re going to race.

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  • Knoxville, TN is not high altitude but I have noticed that when I hike fMt. LeConte at a altitude of 6900 feet, I do not breathe as easy and at my age of 70 I believe that Phillips review of the product has induced me to make an immediate purchase.