Chaco Arbora Boots: From Yoga or the Gym to Dinner and on

I’ve always been a fan of Chaco soles. Their sandals give the wearer foot arch support in a nude environment. But now, I must admit, I am a fan of Chaco’s soul. Their unequivocal answer to when you can’t waiver from your schedule even when the weather is brutal. They’re cute too and take you through your entire day. You could call them your go-to, got-to boot.

Throw these on under ski pants, over jeans, jeggings, and yoga pants, or pair with a short skirt. They’ll not only give you the confidence that you look good, but they’ll give you self-assurance that you won’t slip on that stretch of ice waiting in the shadows as you exit the studio. Arbora’s Vibram sole gives you traction while a 13-inch waterproof, shearling lined top half delivers warmth.

I put these boots through the paces for a 30-day, festivity-driven stretch: wandering over dry pavement, in wet snow, powder conditions, and across ice to my favorite pub; from party to party and holiday to holiday. I even shoveled the driveway, clearing two feet of powder in a single storm, without having to worry I’d fall, get snow inside the cuffs, or end up with a waterlogged boot. In fact, in all my testing, which included multiple trips to the store, shopping sprees, Vinyasa workshops, ski resort sojourns, and dinner outings, I never missed a step or risked cold toes. The functionality was impressive and wrapped in a nice package too.

Things I liked: interior wool below the ankle accounted for warmness; a wide-but-not-too-wide-cuff made them fit even the most muscular of calves; the craggy, slip-proof Vibram sole; the tried and true Chaco foot bed with spot-on support (even after a day of breaking trail up a 9,000 foot peak named Sugarloaf); and the ease at which they go on and come off. Chaco offers options in color: they come in black, chocolate brown or shitake, a goofy name for a lighter-shade-of-brown-than-the-chocolate-brown boot. They were even great out of the box and run true to size.

While I admit these wouldn’t be my go-to boot for an adventurous romp, I like that because they are warm, comfy, and trust-worthy, I could take them anywhere and do anything. Kind of like your best friend. But I do have one suggestion Chaco: make the Arbora Tall taller. A 16-inch cuff would ensure I would never need anything but Arboras on my winter shoe tree.

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