Columbia’s Gathering Storm Glove Meets the Queen of Cold Hands

As a snowshoer and general outdoor enthusiast, I’ve always struggled to keep my hands warm and often it isn’t pretty. I have been known to wear so many layers of mittens that I can barely grip my poles. That was before I tried Columbia’s Gathering Storm gloves.

One of the key factors that makes the Gathering Storm gloves so warm is Columbia’s Omni-Heat technology, little silver dots on the inside of the glove that reflect your body heat back at you, reducing the amount of insulating material required. Reduced insulation equals reduced bulk, and therefore more flexibility, allowing me to easily grip my poles. The polyurethane fabric on the palm prevents slippage.

Another thing that helps the Gathering Storm gloves keep me warm is the neoprene cuff. The cuff closes tightly around your wrist with a Velcro tab, keeping cool air from entering the gloves. When pulled tight, these cuffs will fit nicely under almost any jacket sleeve, keeping rain, snow, and drafts away from your body. The Outdry waterproof exterior makes sure nothing soaks in. I wore them snowshoeing on a British Columbia mountainside and stayed warm, dry, and comfortable.

I find Columbia’s Gathering Storm gloves to be the perfect balance of form and function. And, most importantly, they keep me warm!

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