Popular Cross-Training Culture for Runners and Walkers: Snowshoeing!

Canadian writer, Christine Blanchette, learned to love snowshoeing in her small hometown of Richmond, Quebec (near Montreal) but now resides in the densely populated Vancouver. Even living in the cosmopolitan

Canadian writer, Christine Blanchette

“Hollywood North” as this city of film is known, Ms. Blanchette can’t let go of the sport’s hold on her spirit. The Sherbrooke Record, keeping the Eastern Township’s readers informed since 1897, knew who to assign this article: Ms. Blanchette. Check out the beautifully expansive snow scene from the Eastern Township’s tourism bureau in her article along with notes on hip flexions, ecstasy on snow, GV Snowshoes Polar model and snowshoeing in Canada:   ” ‘Tis the season to be snowshoeing in the Eastern Townships–a region known for its myriad forested trails, rolling hills and wide open  spaces . . . the quiet is overwhelmingly silent. Answers to questions you may never have thought of come to fruition in these settings .  .  .   http://bit.ly/u8Gmog ”

Canada's GV Snowshoes Polar model



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