Aprés-snowshoe Toolkit

Carve out space in your day pack. You’ll need some necessary paraphernalia at your fingertips as soon as you get into the car or van after a day of snowshoeing.

Once you settle in and use some of the following items, you can begin to seriously think about aprés-snowshoe. Now imagine stepping a foot into a hot tub with swirling lavender gel. And visualize that glass of wine or steamy latte.

Water proof leather slip-on shoes with real or faux shear ling lining: Any change of shoes or boots provides instant comfort and relaxation.

Merino Wool Socks: Why Merino wool?  Merino wool manages moisture better than cotton.  It’s the softest type of wool and provides warmth without overheating, Merino contains lanolin which has antibacterial properties.

Light weight crochet or wool cap: Put it on for either warmth or appearance

Facial spray: Spray your face to refresh and rehydrate your skin.  The cold climate is likely to make your skin dry.  A quick mist will bring back that glow and moisture.  Evian’s facial spray is a French brand of mineral water from the French Alps.  It can be ordered on line.  You can also go to your local drugstore to buy a small plastic mister and fill it with mineral water of your choice.

Lip balm: Nourish and condition your dry lips.  A few recommended brands are Chap Stick, Blistex, Carmex, Burt’s Bees and Lip Smackers

Fabric softener dyer sheets:  Use a sheet to beat static.  Put a sheet in each snowshoe boot to freshen them after a long day in the snow.

For some great aprés-snowshoe gear ideas, click here. To read Snowshoe Magazine’s gear reviews, visit https://www.snowshoemag.com/category/gear-reviews/.

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