Wilderness Athlete’s Mountain Berry Energy Gel: How Good?

What would YOU do with Wilderness Athlete’s Mountain Berry Energy Gel, tasting berrier than raspberry preserves?

Spending hours trampling on snow and dirt trails, staying fully fueled, one enjoys — and appreciates — company. Not only those who cover those distances with you, friends who share the dastardly disease of making way at the midnight hour or the equipment one carries like the light you wouldn’t go without on a trail. Maybe friends on trails are the buddies you don’t want to leave back at the land of normal — home, for example –such as the fluids absolutely required for a successful sojourn like my “Blaze” mix from Wilderness Athlete — a combo affair of their Energy and Focus packet combined with the Recovery & Hydrate powder. It’s like a human version of what made Superman a super hero .

The other pal with you is that organ called the mind that expands and imagines like nowhere else you take it. A recent stop for a short snowshoe run found mine arguing that instead of stepping out in minus temperatures on cold snow, just go ahead and take a nap, you’re tired from a heavy workout just completed; you are sleep deprived (depraved?), it’s okay, the heater feels good.

Like Popeye, I rip open a performance nutrition pack of Wilderness Athlete’s Energy Gel and almost instantly get my mojo back. Maybe it is the anticipation of the Goldenroot spurring me on, helping me “Get your mind straight,” as Strother Martin tells Luke (Paul Newman) in Cool Hand Luke. Maybe it is the ingredient “Energy Smart,” a combo of fruit juice and natural grain Dextrins combined with raspberry puree attacking my taste buds.

The thought occurs — If it is so good, why not add it as a topping for a dish of ice cream. The gel would be a perfect substitute! Flavor and health and ice cream. Wow!

Maybe I’m spending too much time on the trails. The only way to satisfy the thought was to do it. The office Valentine’s reception seemed like the perfect opportunity since I “love” WA’s gels and their flavors.

Never have I felt healthier wolfing down a frozen treat, and my self-righteous buzzer was definitely at full alarm, but the best surprise is that it worked. Mountain Berry’s raspberry flavor blended perfectly with the ice cream proving once-and-for-all, one does not have to endure chalky gel flavors or weird tastes like a vanilla gel I tried a few years ago from another maker where the taste was akin to the smell of starch. One can get performance nutrition and appealing flavors from WA.

The point in this exercise of dime store lunch counter theatrics is demonstrating the palpability of WA’s flavors.  One thing the trail has taught me: If it does not taste good, it won’t get out of the pocket, and the opportunity to fuel yourself passes and passes and suddenly you are out of the game with no vigor — a race failed, a training trek cut short or just basic opportunity sliding by.

Covering distance on the ups-and-downs of trails is crucial to retaining my (remaining) mental capabilities and spirit. Wilderness Athlete’s Mountain Berry Energy Gel is one of those keys that helps unlock those doors and take the effort to get out there and wander in the woods.

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