Andrew Ferguson Takes the 2011 Winter Warrior Snowshoe Race

Winter Warriors from New Mexico, Flagstaff, and Boulder gathered upon a fast and firm new world-class snowshoe course at the Durango Nordic Center beneath a flawless blue sky and a race time temperature in the low forties.

Awards and nearly $600 in raffle prizes were enjoyed by the participants after what was universally agreed upon by the racers as a “very difficult, yet very beautiful” course.  According to the race organizers, 90 percent of the entrants had never been in a snowshoe race before, proving that this annual event is sure to gather quick momentum toward its goal of hosting a National Championship in the next few years.

  • Overall Men 10k Champion and Course Record Holder: Andrew Ferguson, age 49, Durango, CO. – 1:02:38.
  • Overall Women 5k Champion and Course Record Holder: Tammy Tiong, age 35, Dulce, NM. – 42:04.  
  • Overall Kidz Snowdash  Champions and Course Record Holders: Dewachen Ilg (age 3) tied with Bailey Noonan (age 4)
  • 10k Men Master (45+) Champion: Andrew Ferguson (49), Durango, CO. – 1:02:38
  • 5k Men Master (45+) Champion: John ‘Asoka’ Van Sant (57), Durango, CO. – 41:43
  • 5K Women Master (45+) Champion: Gayle Guerin (50), Tierra Amarilla, NM. – 43:35

General Classification

5k Men

1) John ‘Asoka’ Van Sant, Durango, CO

2) Walt ‘OTD’ Axthelm, Durango, CO

5k Women

1) Tammy Tiong, Dulce, NM

2) Gayle Guerin, Tierra Amarilla, NM

3) Jennifer Noonan, Durango, CO

4) Carol Miller, Boulder, CO

5) Shanna Noonan, Bayfield, CO

10k Men

1) Andrew Ferguson,  Durango, CO

2) Garret Ford, Durango, CO

3) John ‘Diné’ Leaf, Kinlani, AZ