The North Face Dirty Feet Snowshoe Fun Run


The day was amazing as we headed to Stake Lake at 7am the sky was mixed with orange, pink and purple what an amazing sunrise this was going to the start of a great day. Some great volunteers showed up around 9:30am, eager to help out wherever possible. Hanging banners, setting up race check in and food tables. The team made quick time and everything was set up quickly. Mike was a great help taking the volunteers out by ski-doo around the race.

Phil did an 8am pre-run of the course to make sure the markers were all good and add some more since it snowed the night before. Then he took one volunteer out and ended up doing most of the course twice before 10am. Great Job PHIL!! The course was flagged the day before which helped out a lot in setting up the race.

The sun was shining and the fun run was about to start 10:30am the runners were off around the stadium to start and then into the trees for some single track fun. There was a 4 year-old in the race and he was off to a great start maybe in 10 years he will be winning this race!

The North Face Dirty Feet sponsors were amazing for the snowshoe fun run one of the most popular food items was the banana bread from Caffe Motivo (Cowboy Coffee) and there were lots of prizes for everyone.

Thanks goes out to everyone who helped clean up afterwards it was awesome and Gail and Carmen-Anne who walked the course and picked up all the flags – what a great help and a great community we have here. You guys are amazing and we are so happy to be in Kamloops. Thanks for your support with The North Face Dirty Feet events. Stay tuned for future events and updates on Dirty Feet – Trail races on Facebook:

(Blog entry from Grace Hiom.)


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