Excelling at Customer Service: A Profile of Tubbs Snowshoes

For the last 105 years, Tubbs Snowshoes has been breaking trail in snowshoe innovation. Started in 1906 by Walter Frederick Tubbs in Norway, Maine, the venerable snowshoe manufacturer began making snowshoes primarily as a service for hunters, traders, and trappers in the greater New England area. Back then, snowshoeing was not considered a sport or pleasurable outdoor activity, but rather used exclusively as a tool for winter travel.

Today, however, Tubbs snowshoes cover more ground than their predecessor prototypes from a century ago. The company now manufactures snowshoes for all types of terrain and snow conditions. According to the company’s marketing manager Katie Herod, long gone are the traders and trappers, who have been replaced by a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts. “To keep up with demand, Tubbs has more than 25 patents issued or pending, and the company continually raises the bar for efficient, comfortable, and innovative snowshoe design.”

The first company to manufacture women’s-specific snowshoes in 1998, Tubbs is dedicated to the diverse needs of both genders. A few examples of the company’s community outreach efforts demonstrate Tubbs’ dedication to bringing the healthy, easy, and enjoyable sport of snowshoeing to everyone. Tubbs is an avid supporter of the national Tubbs Romp to Stomp out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, which has raised more than $1.3 million for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. It also supports the Winter Fit for Kids curriculum and snowshoe education program, which brings snowshoes into physical education classes.

Gender-specific snowshoes like the newer women’s FLEX ALP series have become quite popular over the last few years, according to Herod. Winner of the Outside Magazine 2010 Gear of the Year award, the FLEX ALP represents true innovation. The patented FLEX Tail design, tested by the Colorado State University Health and Exercise Department, reduces stress on joints in the lower leg, making long day trips on arduous terrain more comfortable.

“Tubbs was the first company to manufacture women’s-specific snowshoes, and we remain committed to women’s-specific versions of every model,” says Herod. “Tubbs women’s-specific snowshoes are lighter in weight, feature ergonomically tapered frame shapes for ease of stride, and offer custom fit women’s-specific bindings sized and scaled for a woman’s boot in sizes five to 11.”

With an engineering staff dedicated solely to designing and developing snowshoes, Tubbs offers a comprehensive product line, like the Trail Walking, Day Hiking, and Backcountry series for men, women, and kids. 

If a company has a corner on the market in customer service it would have to be Tubbs. “Our customer service is not just a post-purchase concern – our customers are involved in every step of our design process,” Herod explains. “We are constantly listening to customer feedback and using it to drive our innovation and designs.  That said, we do also have a very comprehensive post-purchase customer service philosophy.  We offer lifetime warranties on several of our products and absolutely stand by our designs.”

The emphasis on great customer service is evident from the first time you slip on a pair of Tubbs snowshoes. “Our goal is to have our customers not think about their gear while they are out snowshoeing,” says Herod. “We want you to enjoy your outing and not have to worry about your gear.” As such, officials at Tubbs put extra effort on developing products that stand up to a challenge. For example:

  • They develop bindings that are easy to use and don’t get sloppy after several miles in arduous conditions
  • They provide appropriate traction to match the terrain
  • They provide a comfortable and easy experience while snowshoeing

A final note about Tubbs Snowshoeing:  They are a team of professionals who are 100 percent devoted to snowshoeing 100 percent of the time.  Check them out for yourself at