My Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots Experience

I’ve had my ups and downs with winter boots whether due to the enormous shape of the boot, poor insulation, moisture or just the general construction of the boot failing at the seams. When hearing about this boot I thought, hmm, another boot that “might” work. Upon receiving the boots I was impressed, they felt and appeared durable and true to the description. I couldn’t help but wear them that day.

One issue (that is usually common with most boots I get) I noticed immediately was the rigidity, but only the top half of the boot. A section of the heal, that extends up at about a 45 degree angle on the sides and is about 2”x2”, never seemed to “loosen up”. That section has remained rigid resulting in sore ankle bones from rubbing while the rest of the boot remained pliable so far without faults. It may be caused by my stride, step or maybe I’ve got oversize ankle bones. I know of someone wearing the same style boot and hasn’t experienced that particular issue. Either way, it is a rather rigid boot that does give some relief after break-in time.

Waterproof along with Omni-technology, this boot is definitely a good choice for the outside enthusiast. Considering the durability of the boot, they’re exceptionally light! I’m impressed by this given the insulating qualities and toughness the boot provides. It’s great to have a boot the serves the need and meets the demand that feels like an over size tough shoe.

My feet didn’t get chilled a bit while active or get too hot. Standing around for a while in some 0-10*F weather my feet might get a chill but once active, the chill was gone. The boots offer superior traction with a great tread design and pliable-when-cold material. Whether snowshoeing, hiking, running or working for that matter, these boots will get the job done.

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