My Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots Review

In the past, I hated winter.  I despised the cold air, the snow, the feeling of my whole body seeking warmth to counter the chills that ran through from head to toe.  The irony of my reality is that I live in Winnipeg, commonly referred to as “Winterpeg,” due to the harsh cold temperatures, heavy snowfall, and blowing winds that often combine for some of the harshest winter conditions in Canada.

Last year I purchased some real outerwear, base and mid layers, determined to pursue outdoor activities and enjoy the season.  I discovered I really enjoyed snow-shoeing, an activity perfectly suited for our long winter months.  I made it through the last winter using an old pair of boots, but knew if I was going to spend more time outside this winter, I would need to upgrade with a pair of new boots.

Fate stepped in the day after spending four hours trying on various boots, when Snowshoe Magazine and Columbia were looking for people to test the Bugatech Lite boot.  I quickly emailed to register and was very happy to hear that I was chosen to receive a pair.  The boots arrived just in time, two days later, we received our first snowfall of the year – 25 cm of fresh powder.

When I first received the box, I thought it was empty, as it did not seem very heavy.  Upon opening the box, I did see two very attractive and stylish boots.  I have received many positive comments from both women and men on their appearance.  They are no slouch out on the trail either, the fit and support they provide while snow-shoeing, or on their own is appreciated while hiking through the back country.  

Out in the deep snow, they have kept my feet warm and dry for hours in weather down to -22 degrees Celsius.  I have used these boots for everyday use, and they have never left me wanting more warmth or traction.  The fit is snug, but not too snug, as I have been able to wear mid-weight and heavy weight socks in them without any significant tightness.  I often have forgotten that I am wearing them with my dress clothes at work as their comfort and light weight make them enjoyable to wear for long periods of time.  

I don’t hate winter anymore.  In fact, the sight of fresh snow now excites me and I look forward to getting my boots on and getting outside to enjoy nature.  Thank you to Columbia and Snowshoe Magazine for providing me with the tools and opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors this winter!

For more information on the Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots, click here.  To view Jennifer’s snowshoeing photos, click here.

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