Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots Blog and Review

I am so glad I wear a size 7 and even luckier that they fit.  My box arrived on my doorstep.  Picking it up I thought it could not be the Bugatech boots because the box weighed nothing.  These boots are lighter than my running shoes.   Loved the look however, I thought it strange to have a white boot.  Once I got them on and I might add it was a little hard because of the lacing all the way up, they were very comfortable.  

After my 15 hour drive to our cabin in Pagosa Springs, CO I could hardly wait to adventure out.  Went to a close area that usually has a few Xcountry skiers or snow shoe enthusiasts.  Reservoir Hill has 8km of intermediate trails.   I don’t care for groom trails so I hiked between trees in deeper snow.  The boots kept my feet very dry and warm.  For fun I wore a thin silk liner to test the warmth.  It was toasty.  Next time I will test the smart wool socks.  The temperature was around 18 degrees at the start.

On my second voyage in the Columbia Bugatech Boots, I changed my socks to an Under Armour wicking sock.  Noticed my boots have “packed” a little so could go with a heavier sock.  I did not need to upgrade that foot apparel because my feet did not get a bit cold in my silk liner.  I did do a little night snowshoeing with a group in Pagosa Springs.  Still, it is unseasonably warm in this part of Colorado.

Turkey Springs trails were very serene and diverse.  The snow is very heavy because of the warmth and seemed to stick on the boot and the shoe heavily.  No moisture was felt insider the boot.  Must admit I have become very fond of these boots…a lot.  Tomorrow I will try a different terrain.  Happy shoeing!

Here’s a link to the product page on the Columbia website:  To view Eugenie’s snowshoeing photos, click here

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