Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots Review

I admit it. I’m not a gear-head when it comes to winter sports. I’m not one to run to trends in equipment. I want simple functionality that works. Take my winter jackets for example. I’ve been wearing one of them since 1995. It works and after 15 years is still in very good condition.

I had the privilege of trying out a pair of Columbia Bugatech boots through Snowshoe Magazine.  Perhaps the most significant thing I noticed about the boots was how they kept my feet at a comfortable temperature. They call it Omni-Heat technology and it reflects natural body heat back into the boot.  I’d describe it as working like a thermos.

I found the sizing to be rather true—not too big, not too snug.  Perhaps my only wish was a little more generosity in lace length.  My gloved hands would have preferred a few extra inches to work with.

The boots performed well on the trail.  Most of my trials were on hiking trails near my home by Rib Mountain in Wisconsin. I also wore them at the Dells of Eau Claire and a great new 7.5K trail at Nine Mile Forest.  I did quite a bit of trail-breaking along the Ice Age Trail near the Dells of Eau Claire.  This area along the river banks is hilly and rough. Breaking trail here challenges your ankles as you twist and turn them on the rough uneven terrain.  The boots performed very well through all of my trials.  

The Bugatech boots functioned well in north-central Wisconsin, even with temperatures of zero degrees and below. I’d definitely recommend the boots. The technology lives up to the claims and I have a good reason to expect the quality to last:  That jacket from 1995?  Columbia, of course.  

Here’s a link to the product page on the Columbia website:  To view Michael’s snowshoeing photos, click here

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