Blog and Review: Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots

Trail: North Branch Trail in Morton Grove, IL

When Snowshoe Magazine offers you a free pair of Columbia boots in exchange for an honest review of the product what more is there to say than “Hell Yes!”  So I signed myself up and eagerly awaited my new Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat boots.  Once they finally came, I eagerly tore off my shoes and tried them on.  My first reaction was disappointment because they were extremely difficult to get on.  I loosened the laces as far as I could (they could stand another 4 inches or so to allow a little more give) but I still had to work hard to get my feet in.  That said once my feet were in it was downright heavenly.  My new Bugatechs fit like a glove – they were comfortably snug and the arch support was absolutely perfect for my feet.

I began to wear them as often as possible during the next several weeks and my opinion of them has only gotten better.  The break in period was almost non-existent and they are nearly as comfortable as gym shoes once they are on.  While I waited for the first snow I took them hiking, I wore them shopping and tried to wear them at every opportunity…and every time I loved them more and more.  They are lightweight, the tread pattern is tough and aggressive and they are genuinely comfortable.

Finally the first big snow came and I headed out to the trail and they rocked!  I had a bit of trouble getting the tread pattern into my Atlas 830 bindings…though I will admit that those are not the easiest bindings to use…but once in they were warm, they were comfortable, they were warm, they provided great support, they were warm, they kept my feet dry and did I mention they were WARM?  The performed flawlessly on the trail and really in every other activity that I have used them for as well.

Overall, these boots have more than lived up to their billing and I couldn’t be happier.  In summary here are my thoughts:

Pros: Ultra-Comfy, Warm, Great Fit, Solid Tread Pattern, Lightweight, Keeps Feet Dry

Cons: Hard to get on, Laces a bit short

For more information Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots, click here.  To view Jason’s photos, click here.

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