Shake-Up Better Performance? Wilderness Athlete’s Great Shakes

This may be the only opportunity you will get to have your cake and drink it, too. Ingest a high performance shake with its tasty snow-cream vanilla flavor from the magic of the labs and kitchens of Wilderness Athlete.

I recently wanted to participate in a race on snow-covered streets but had a conflict with a scheduled industrial workout earlier in morning. There was enough time to drive to the race after the heavy lifting, but recovering was weighing on my mind. I definitely could not consume my daily breakfast of scrambled eggs, walnuts, and oatmeal stacked pie-like, as the combo would attack me about a mile in the run. Still, I needed to replace calories spent in the exercise session and simultaneously get my mojo ready for a frigid run forecasted to have a complementary dose of strong northerly winds.

Should you find yourself in such a situation, or you are looking for an alternative to a preparatory meal of just a lousy bagel, or you are tired of the dry metallic aftertaste of drug store nutrition, step up to the Wilderness Athlete High Performance Meal Replacement and Recovery Shake. The beverage is nutritionally stacked with 25 grams of staged carbohydrates for consistent fueling in every 12-ounce serving, along with a healthy protein-blended dose of 17 grams — an important combo in endurance competition or enjoying long days on forested trails. Rounding out carbos and protein is a healthy seven grams of fat. Linked with a significant contribution of one’s daily fiber needs, the nutrition values of the shake are extended plus digestion is aided.

The vanilla taste reminds me of “country ice cream” from a distant youth — drifts of fresh snow ladled into a chilled bowl, blended with sugar and vanilla extract creating a creamy, cold concoction. Additionally, their strawberry seems to come directly from fresh ripe forever-strawberry fields while the chocolate will please even a discriminating chocolatier.

Included in every scoop are key vitamins and special ingredients such as the extract of rhodiola rosea helping to relax muscles and lessen feelings of stress. Ever had any stress in a competition? This drink can help you.

Glucosamine HCI is also a highlight, with a pleasant surprise of 1000 mg per drink provided to strengthen your joints. Some argue against its benefit, claiming this nutritional supplement is nothing more than a placebo. Knowing the long experience the Wilderness Athlete team has in athletics and nutrition, including collegiate and other national competitive levels, gives me confidence of its value. Our healthy knees and ankles are depending on it.

Wilderness Athlete products adhere to strict NSF standards in their labs — there are no jokes at NSF — insuring you consume a high-grade quality meal. Good manufacturing processes promise you are not receiving second-rate infomercial quality.

A key vitamin in this high performance drink flies underneath the popular radar. K-1 plays an amazing part in assisting the body’s foundation with clean, strong arteries and stronger bones. It appears to aid us by directing proteins for these tasks. As only small quantities of the vitamin are stored in the body, enjoying a performance powder that includes it is an affirmative indicator of the thoughtful study, preparation, and formulation by Wilderness Athlete.

Adding pep to your step comes from healthy quantities of B-12 and B-6 — not dump truck loads found in highly promoted “energy” sips.

After a ten mile snowshoe trek or trudging through deep snow in a qualifying 10 km for the USSSA Dion Snowshoes National Championships, have a drink measured in your shaker and ready to go, needing only to add the water. Shake it, and then let it intermingle for a total of 60 seconds. If your challenge was particularly hard or extensive, have another.

After exercising, the critical recovery time of 30 minutes is well known. Do not miss this window. A key trick is pre-preparing the drink, have it ready. You will not feel like chasing down ingredients and finding a container after humping snowshoes over deep drifts in the frozen air.

Prepping for a race, fighting traffic to visit a client, sitting in a building feeling pounded after a long day, working outside at the farm — these are just a few of the myriad of situations you can find yourself needing to feed that athletic body of yours. Stay out of the cookies in the office kitchen, don’t be buying Twinkies at the Tom Thumb, skip the delicious smelling bear claw pastry at the diner; but do drink a Wilderness Athlete High Performance Meal and Recovery Shake with a flavor of our choice. It is the best gift you can give your physique.

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