Columbia Bugatech Lite Omni-Heat Boots – Tennis shoe for the snow

The fine folks over at Snowshoe Magazine and Columbia put out a call looking for bloggers who would be willing to snowshoe in and review a pair of Bugatech Lite Boots. My wife was the lucky recipient of a brand new pair to replace her older Columbia boots. We’ve done a few reviews, links below, but this one will sum it all up.

The first impression is how light the boots are, almost like a tennis shoe with insulation. Even though they are light they are still rigid enough to provide a good deal of support on the ankles. The tread is stellar, extremely aggressive and grippy to the max. One nice point for getting into the bindings is how the tread isn’t splayed out to the sides so the boot still slips in nicely.

The first few trips out in the boots were out of the snowshoes, the most notable was standing in the frigid cold for a few hours watching the annual Christmas parade. Happily enough at the end of the parade her feet were still warm. Interestingly enough her feet were still very comfortable even after standing on the concrete for three hours. How many winter boots can boast that?

The next trip were in the snowshoes in the hill country on the outskirts of Escanaba. This is where the boots shined. Every ounce saved on boot weight is less you have to pickup with every step and she really noticed it at the end of the trip. We did find that a heavier pair of socks worked best for her to keep her feet as warm as possible. Other than that there was hardly an issue with anything.

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