Salomon Fastpacker Light Merino Crew Socks Ideal for Snowshoe Racers

Merino wool is all the rage nowadays.  Salomon socks certainly offer what outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect from Merino wool (combined with Nylon, Acrylic, NanoGLIDE and Lycra).  Following this recipe, Salomon created the Fastpacker Light Merino Crew Socks.  Engineered for lightweight hiking and backpacking, the Fastpacker socks provide the durability and warmth that snowshoers require in combination with a reliable winter/waterproof boot or shoe.  

The Fastpacker socks are an excellent choice for snowshoe racers.  They are a sleeker pair of socks, created with a blend of synthetic fibers and wool for blister protection and moisture control.  While protecting the feet in intense winter running scenarios, the socks also regulate temperature and offer wicking benefits.     

Salomon’s NanoGLIDE fiber technology focuses on the toe and heel areas of the Fastpacker socks.  These are the prime areas for blisters, especially for runners.  These foot blister “hot spots” are what can end a race quickly or, at the very least, slow a runner’s pace.  The Fastpacker socks – with the help of Salomon’s engineering genius – minimize the risk of blistering and moisture buildup.  Its varied knit construction increases the ability for ventilation – a boon for active snowshoers.  

In addition to the NanoGLIDE benefits, Salomon’s socks are made with a minimized number of seams.  Of course, a sock with seams is highly unappealing to the snowshoer.  Seams create friction, bulk and discomfort in the pressure areas on the feet.  To solve this problem, Salomon used 3D knitting for targeted cushioning around the feet.   3D is all the rage today, as well – from the silver screen to outdoor clothing.  Imagine that.  

Interestingly enough, NanoGLIDE technology utilizes nano-particles.  According to Salomon, the nano-particles “are incorporated into the fiber from the inside out.  Other socks have a chemical coat, which will wash or wear off.  NanoGLIDE is permanent protection from moisture, heat, UV rays and abrasion.”

A snowshoer’s feet are what need total protection from the cold.  Without a reliable pair of socks – thick or thin – a good day of snowshoeing can end abruptly.  The Fastpacker socks can help with a reliable, freezing cold snowshoe outing and/or race.  Get outside!

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