Battling the Arctic Air: ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava

Snowshoeing and other winter sports invite millions of people every year into the snow-covered backcountry.  But a trip on the trail during cold, extreme conditions can come to an end quickly.  For example, prolonged inhalation of cold air can cause damage to the lungs and a person’s general health.  It can be painful in the immediate and lung-scarring in the long term.  To help combat this phenomenon – and to relieve a person’s noggin from the discomforts of the cold – Talus Outdoor Technologies has developed the ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava.  The Balaclava has received a permanent place in my “ready at all times” snowshoeing backpack.  Indeed, I never leave home without it.  

Talus is an outdoor product design and manufacturing company based in Missoula, Mont. – very entrepreneurial and unique.  The company’s passion for the outdoors has influenced its expertise to create products that help people stay outside longer.  

As a result, Talus crafted a product called the ColdAvenger that features a patent-pending ventilator.  This innovation helps warm a person’s breathable air by mixing exhaled warm air with inhaled cold air.  It also protects the ears, nose and neck.    It’s a simple approach to combating what so very often keeps people from enjoying the outdoors during the winter season.  This applies to recreational outdoor enthusiasts and a commercial workforce that‘s required to be outside. 

For snowshoers, the ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava is essential.  Not only does it protect the face but it also covers the entire head – with the ventilator mask able to Velcro over the face (by attaching to the sides of the hood).  The form-fitting hood has an inherent stretchy material and is made to be universally fitting for most heads.  This is true because it fit my abnormally large cranium.  

For a demonstration on how to use the ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava, click here

Many people believe using a fleece-based product to shield the face, or a simple mask to protect from the cold, is the answer.  None have a ventilator like the ColdAvenger.  No other item on retail shelves can offer the combination of Polartec WindPro breathable fleece and a removable ventilator mask made from non-toxic polyurethane. 

Use the Balaclava in windy conditions that tend to wreak havoc on an exposed face.  And snowshoers often contend with wind…cold vicious wind.  It’s just part of being outside and enjoying the snow.  It’s also geared for skiers and snowboarders.  Gravity sports are most certainly clashing with cold air moving quickly and directly in the face.

Additional features:

  • While the ventilator is not designed to be used without the hood, the hood can be used without the ventilator
  • Soft medical grade and non-toxic polyurethane ventilator provides a comfortable seal while retaining its inherent microbial resistance
  • ColdAvenger ventilator allows you to breathe freely during outdoor activities while managing exhaled moisture off the facial skin
  • Fleece wicks away moisture to keep your face dry
  • Humidifies dry and cold inhaled air to protect and improve airway health in the cold
  • Keeps temperatures inside 40-degrees Fahrenheit to 60-degrees Fahrenheit higher than outside (difference relative to movement)
  • Designed to fit with goggles and helmets
  • Prevents fogging of goggles
  • Adjustable, removable interior valve controls up to 60 percent of air intake

For more information about the ColdAvenger and Talus Outdoor Technologies, visit  To purchase a ColdAvenger Expedition Balaclava, click here.  For cold weather health hazards explanations in detail, click here