Gear Review: Darn Tough Boot Socks

I always find that socks are a “hit or miss” for an avid snowshoer.  Usually, my toes are the extremities to get cold first while snowshoeing.  But this phenomenon is common among us snowshoers.  Our feet are important! With Darn Tough boot socks, the difference is the high density Merino wool and cushioning that offer more than the average pair of socks for snowshoeing.  Long-lasting warmth helped keep me on the trail.

Most recently, a day of shoeing in high winds and dry snow offered a tour de force; this was all apt testing conditions, combined with my Columbia BugaThermo Tech-Lite boots. Plus, it was my first tracks of the season.  

I purposely didn’t wear gaiters to put my boots and socks through a good test. While snowshoeing that day, I had no complaints with my Darn Tough socks.  Their reinforced heel and toe, and elastic support around the arch, offered a comfortable fit.  I couldn’t feel the seams of the socks, so I wasn’t bothered with abrasive rubbing on sensitive skin around my feet. 

Darn Tough promotes its socks as “all weather performance” and can be worn year ‘round.  This coming from a family-owned business, based in Northfield, Vt., means a lot to snowshoers looking for products that keep feet warm.  

I had the opportunity to test two varieties of Darn Tough boot socks: full-cushion and cushion.  The socks are made of 62 percent Merino wool, 34 percent Nylon and 4 percent Lycra Spandex.  Their high density terry loop padding in the foot and shin areas won’t flatten out under pressure.  

For snowshoers, this type of construction is a big deal because socks go through a lot of pressure-intensive situations.  Unlike skiing and snowboarding, the pressure on socks can last all day without breaks in the action.  Darn Tough boot socks are made especially for snowshoers who enjoy being outdoors for hours and don’t want to worry about the disappointment of cold toes.  

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