Advertorial: Tubbs Mountaineer Wins Coveted “Gear of the Year” Award from Outside Magazine

Tubbs Snowshoes is proud to announce that the Mountaineer has been selected as 2011 “Gear of the Year” by Outside Magazine for its superb performance in the backcountry.

“We’ve tested plenty of snowshoes with serious bite, and others that are extraordinarily comfy, but what makes the Mountaineer so impressive is how well it performed in both those categories,” writes Berne Broudy of Outside Magazine.

“Flip the shoe over and it’s like peering into the jaws of a great white shark, with eight incisors up front and two more rows of teeth in back for extra traction when your heel hits the deck,” adds Broudy.

The Mountaineer was designed to be a backcountry beast, with multiple sizes to give snowshoers the right amount of flotation in the deep stuff and the ultra-precise ActiveFit binding, which features two pull straps for an exact fit.

The ActiveLift heel lift is designed to keep your foot flat on steep ascents, reducing calf fatigue and Achilles tendon strain on steep ascents.  It turns the sheer mountain-side into a series of steps, making climbing a breeze (or at least easier!).

Finally, unique to Tubbs backcountry snowshoes, the RII Revolution Response pivot system lets your binding flex laterally, so that when you find yourself on gnarly terrain or even rocks, your foot remains in a natural and comfortable position.

Between the ample traction, the precision-driven binding, the ActiveLift heel lift and the innovative RII pivot system, the Mountaineer is in a league of its own.

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***The following advertorial was paid for by Tubbs Snowshoes***


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