‘Blaze’ a New Trail with Secret Wilderness Athlete Combo

Not available in any other form, but combine this special mix of two intriguing Wilderness Athlete products for a feeling that was best described by rugged mountain firefighters. They called it ‘Superman.’ Now you can share that strength and learn the formula.

What better feeling while making way on dirt and snowshoe trails but to feel invincible. You can “Climb every mountain” in those long endurance events, “Ford every stream” which are axiomatic at the bottom of each of those valleys, “Follow every rainbow” you will see, and happily so, after those douses of heavy rain sure to come. Add ‘Blaze’ to your repertoire just once; you will understand its combo magic to your strength and mental attitude.

You may want to keep this formulation to yourself as the advantages gained will show in your results.The cool part is the drink will work for the elite, the near elite, and the rest of us, too. I only happened upon this super combo when talking with Wilderness Athlete’s National Marketing Manager, Jerod Fink, describing a group of wilderness firefighters out of Wisconsin. These heroes of the burn are as athletic in the mountains and hills as anyone racing snow or dirt trails.They have to have endurance and strength plus courage  wowing any observer.

First, an introduction to the Energy and Focus product and Hydrate and Recover mix. Wilderness Athlete produces the Energy and Focus mix that is sugar-free and constructed with pharmaceutical grade minerals and vitamins designed specifically for the Olympic level. Even though it is cutting edge, the product is just now getting introduced to the broad athletic field.

Unlike some of the “X Hour” energy drinks, Energy and Focus doesn’t overwhelm the body by slamming it with extraordinary levels of B6 and B12 vitamins, but rather adds those stimulants at a graded, accelerated rate of 1000% of the suggested daily doses. Here are other noted ingredients of this magic mix:

Adding some caffeine in the mix assists one’s mood.  Gotu kola extract (TECA) assists the body in blood flow, thereby aiding detoxification like during deep endurance events, helping maintain normal blood pressures, and reducing fever.

Sounds like a perfect remedy for those halfway points of an ultra.

Golden root may be the endurance athlete’s best friend by improving one’s state of mind, aiding the ability to handle stress, and decreasing negativism. These boosts can be your best friend when trail demons are yelling in your ear to quit, please quit, give up, you’re failing, stop now, but you want to go on. Your personal mojo can once again flow.

Choline may fly under your radar but as an endurance athlete, whether by ultra distance, extreme cold, or out of the ordinary events in your comfort range, you are in a class that needs to supplement this nutrient. The effect is to assist liver functions, bodily functions and mood enhancement. Perhaps this ingredient can even help you comprehend situations in a more lucid state, asking, “Why am I doing this 100 km?” like the Wild Duluth.

Instead of answering, “Because I’m pretty dumb,” when comprehending a surprising BIG climb crossing into the Grand Portage trail sucking away your breath, you can exclaim, “Because I’m having fun, and how’s a little dirt going to get me down.” Each packet contains what is generally believed to be the average adult’s needs on a daily basis, so by consuming multiple packs during extreme exercise, your are replenishing the body’s stores.

Hydrate and Recover is Wilderness Athlete’s after-event mix. What the firefighters discovered through a stroke of genius was mixing H&R with E&F created this super strength formula with tasty berry and mango flavor, that my friend, Cross Country skier, runner and snowshoer, Steve Shelerud, said, “Call this fiery blend Blaze!”

Hydrate and Recover adds enhanced sodium and potassium to your electrolyte needs, plus magnesium. Asking why we need magnesium is somewhat akin to the Griner brothers smirking at Burt Reynolds and Jon Voight when they get lost in the movie “Deliverance,” asking, “Where you going, city boy?” Then slamming the slickers with, “It ain’t nothing but the biggest (freaking) river in the state.”

Magnesium is a little like their Cahulawassee River. Your body depends on it, one of the dozen top elements comprising you! All of your cells need magnesium, and without it, they rebel and nasty consequences can occur like missing the last cutoff at Wild Duluth’s Magney-Snively aid station.

Glutamine and Glucosamine are pharmaceutical grade for easy absorption, as are all of the ingredients of Wilderness Athlete, an important key, particularly illustrated with the Glutathione. As an antioxidant, Glutathione is particularly short in athletes who over train or are in ultra events like snowshoe, trail, Tri, bikes and so forth. It is not easily absorbed by the body in an oral ingestion, so this is where the pharmaceutical grade pays off.

The grade tells you, unlike standard supplements sold at cheap prices, the body has the best chance of absorbing it versus just ignoring it and passing it on. So when you see Glutathione on a label, just having it in the mix does you no good if the body can’t use it. Pharmaceutical grade costs more as it is taken the next step to purify it, making it easier for your cells to use and help you accomplish your goal.

One has to look at these products just like deciding on trail gear . . . it better be good, otherwise it is a waste of money and possibly will kill your race attempt. I buy the best batteries for my trail lights, for example; then why would I buy the cheapest ‘batteries’ for the trail machine, better known as ‘my body.’

So one mixes one packet of Energy and Focus with one of Hydrate and Recover in a typical 12-ounce water bottle. The magical blend develops a blaze look, allowing you to pursue whatever event or activity you have with enthusiasm and confidence, knowing you are supported by the best additive yet devised.

It is a human version what nitro laced STP would do for your vehicle’s engine, giving it a slick, potent power boost. In a lifting program for strength, working with enhanced tonnage, I started adding Blaze to my activity a little before the early morning get-go.

With the boosted nutrition and ingredients developed for athletes well beyond the average and certainly me, I get the same advantages they have making the whole session more enjoyable and successful as I can handle the load with a superior attitude, maintaining calm yet handling more, seeing multiple solutions as opposed to a myopic scope, and enjoying myself. What a deal!

Blaze through trails, blaze new times, blaze better results with this secret combo mix, the Superman version of powdered strength: Blaze.

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