Advertorial: A New Era in Snowshoe Technology – Atlas’ New Free-Rotating Suspension

Atlas introduced its Free-Rotating Suspension – a suspension system engineered for the most natural and comfortable trail walking stride.

Building on Atlas’ 20-year heritage of innovation, the new Atlas Elektra 9 and 8 Series snowshoes feature Atlas’ revolutionary new

Free-Rotating Suspension (FRS).  Specifically engineered to allow natural articulation of the foot and the most comfortable trail walking stride, FRS provides snowshoers the ultimate in versatility.

Having evolved from Atlas’ renowned Spring-Loaded Suspension (SLS) system, FRS benefits from the same time tested suspension principles. This permits the foot to plant naturally and allowing the foot, ankle and knee joints to articulate properly while the deck conforms to the terrain and the crampon gains maximum penetration of the snow.

With each step, the FRS system allows the binding to rotate around an integrated pivot point while the nose floats forward over the snow and the deck and tail remain low to the ground.  This pivoting

action works in conjunction with the suspension to provide the most comfortable and effortless trail walking experience yet.

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