Gear Review: Under Armour Janan Trail Running Shoe

I was lucky enough to snag the Under Armour Janan Trail Running Shoe in orange and gray – the patriotic colors of Snowshoe Magazine.  They are durable and foot-conforming as they are flashy and fashionable.  

The Under Armour logo on the Janan is a sleek black patent patch, mixed with orange streaks: Representing more than a brand but a passion for hardcore physical activity.  Although Under Armour is a large publically-traded company, its products are made with precision and strength.  No sign of compromised quality for quantity.  And the Janan shoe has been effective on the trail, for both running and casual hiking.  

In fact, I’m wearing them as I write this review.  I’m channeling their energy into my writeup.  

The Janan is an effective trail running shoe.  Its heel design keeps the foot in a non-slip position, which is especially helpful when turning sharp corners and leaping over obstacles.  UA has a “blend” of carbon rubber in the heel strike zone that helps cushion the foot when running – absorbing shocks in critical impact zones.  The combo of cushioned sole and heel-restraint system (as I call it) is extremely helpful when running downhill and experiencing high force foot-strikes. 

The ventilated internal FootSleeve – specific to UA – is made to hug the foot and eliminate sliding.  The Janan is quite the trail running shoe phenomenon: heel-restraint system, internal FootSleeve, and a shiny UA logo on the side.  Word.

Moreover, the additional cushioning system – called Cartilage – is a rubbery orange substance that lines the area between the midsole and the upper.  As defined by UA, the elastic Cartilage element “allows the midsole components to work more naturally with foot-strike by allowing the midsole to work independently through the phases of foot-strike.”

Trail runners live and die by their shoe’s sole.  The Janan’s sole has a unique figure-eight shape – a new experience for me.  The sole’s design was meant for a cushioning system that works well on debris-covered trails. 

Like an onion, the Janan has layers.  There are so many features on this shoe that I find it difficult to understand its capabilities. I wish it was waterproof so I could take it snowshoeing.  Winter isn’t here yet.  Before it does visit, there’s still plenty of trail running to enjoy. 

Additional features:

  • Tightly woven rip-stop nylon upper provides the ultimate durability and breathability
  • ArmourGuide ensures efficient foot-strike guidance from impact to propulsion
  • ArmourBound delivers maximum responsive cushioning
  • CR37 UA blend of carbon rubber found in the heel strike zone, allows for extended wear in high impact zones, regardless of surface
  • The tight weave of durable nylon keeps small debris and mud from entering into the shoe, but still allows for moisture transport and a high degree of breathability

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