Gear Review: Montrail Mountain Masochist Trail Running Shoes

With a name like “Mountain Masochist” you’d expect a certain amount of submission…no restraint on the trail.  And that’s what you get.  The Masochist is the ultimate trail running shoe for the summer months: Its breathable hydrophobic mesh upper keeps your feet cool.  Its low-ankle design and snug-fitting support helped when pushing through sharp, rugged corners on the trails.  The Gryptonite outersole was durable enough to take the extreme conditions of rocky backcountry trail running.  Of course, I think Gryptonite is an awesome name – hence the reason I used it in the first paragraph and will throughout the remainder of this article.

Because I enjoyed the Masochist’s performance (an interesting statement) on the trail and on the road, I plan to use them for the upcoming Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Golden Gallup 10K – in Golden, Colo., on Sept. 11.  It will be sure to help me run the distance without having to stop to correct foot pain or minor discomforts.  For more information about the Golden Gallup, visit

Although lightweight – 10.8 ounces to be exact – the Masochist’s gusseted tongue is padded to keep the upper ridge of the foot comfortable and snug.  This is where I experience a lot of problems with running shoes.  After a hearty run, my midfoot area is sometimes quite sore.  The Masochist’s gusseted tongue (another interesting statement) not only keeps dirt and moisture out but also is favorable to my aging bones. 

Gryptonite.  Love that name.  

Speaking of Gryptonite, it has a friend called the Trail Shield.  Under the sticky Gryptonite rubber sole is a durable, silver-colored under foot protective layer called the Trail Shield.  While the Gryptonite almost sticks to the trail (seriously, it’s sticky), the Trail Shield protects from sharp debris.  It’s an interesting combination for a trail running shoe’s outersole.  In fact, when the shoes were brand new, the Gryptonite was extra sticky and was particularly useful for road runs.         

The Masochist is a narrow shoe, but it’s forgiving.  The shoe is constructed with protective layers of mesh, a synthetic toe overlay, compression molded EVA, a low profile midsole, and a strap closure system that conforms to the foot.  Not a snowshoeing shoe and no where near waterproof, the Masochist is ideal for trail running…and good enough for the road.   

To purchase a pair of Montrail Mountain Masochist shoes, click here.  For more information, click here.

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