Montrail Prepares for the 2010 Western States 100

Montrail, a manufacturer of high performance trail running and recovery footwear, is honored to present the 2010 Western States Endurance Run (WS100) taking place on Saturday June 26th. The 100 mile course will go from Squaw Valley to Auburn, California and serve as the grand finale to the 2009/2010 Montrail Ultra Cup season.

This year, the field is deeper than ever on the both the men’s and women’s side, and the race includes 450 ultrarunners from around the world, representing 21 countries and 40 U.S. states. The 2009/2010 edition of the Montrail Ultra Cup Series will wrap up once again at Western States. The top four women and 8 out the 10 top men in the current Ultra Cup standings are running, so it is anyone’s race to win. With WS100 weighted more heavily than any other race, the final standings for the Ultra Cup are likely to change upon completion of the final race. For more information about the Ultra Cup scoring and guidelines, please visit:

Team Montrail will have strong representation at this year’s Western States 100. Here’s how it breaks down:

Geoff Roes – 1st time racing WS100; 2009 Ultrarunner of the Year from Ultrarunning Magazine

Erik Skaden – Five top 10 finishes at WS100 with two 2nd place finishes

Gary Robbins – 2nd time racing WS100; finished top 50 last year

Ryne Melcher – 1st time racing WS100

Annette Bednosky – Currently women’s Ultra Cup leader; Won WS100 in 2005

Jill Perry – 1st time racing WS100

Joelle Vaught – 1st time racing WS100; 1st time racing 100 miles

Luanne Park – 8th time racing WS100; 7-time WS finisher; top 5 in each race

Supplemental information:

Current Ultra Cup standings can be found here: For more information about the Western States 100, visit

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