Chad Kellogg Attempts to Speed Ascend Mt. Everest

Outdoor Research, manufacturer of functional solutions for human powered adventure, is documenting in real time an ultimate human powered adventure: Chad Kellogg’s speed attempt of the 29,029-foot Mt. Everest without oxygen. Kellogg is planning to begin his summit attempt at 4:30 am Nepal Time (UTC+5:45) on Saturday, May 22.

Outdoor Research has sponsored the 38-year-old American climber on this expedition. Climbing enthusiasts have been following the preparations for this feat in an extensive series called Chad Kellogg: The Everest Quest on Outdoor Research’s VertiCulture website.

Tomorrow, they will be able to follow his steep step-by-step progress to climb and descend the world’s highest peak in record time on VertiCulture as Kellogg will be carrying a SPOT tracker to show his location via GPS.

As the story unfolds, Chad has been sending regular written dispatches from base camp. The most recent dispatch on May 18 details Kellogg’s decision to hire Sherpas to melt water for him at Camp 3 and Camp 4 and to delay his ascent because of weather and crowds of other climbers. Excerpts from this post provide additional details:

I am currently working on my patience with the changing weather. Last night over fifty people made the summit. The night of the 22nd will be even busier. I plan to deal with the crowds on my summit day by making it to Camp 4 at 3 am. Most people will leave for the summit around 10 pm on the 22nd. If I am five hours behind the crowds I hope that the bottlenecks will be resolved by the time I reach the Hillary Step. I should only have to contend with clients, Sherpas and guides descending from the summit. I anticipate reaching the summit around 11 am if all goes according to plan.

Also as part of the story, Fitz Cahall of the Dirtbag Diaries and the web series The Season, hosted a collection of podcasts on the VertiCulture website from conversations with Kellogg. Cahall interviewed Chad a week before his departure in late March in a compelling four-part audio series which chronicles the inspiration behind his goal and the training he has gone through to prepare as well as his meticulous plans for the summit attempt. Upon his return, Cahall will conduct a final interview with Chad to wrap-up the journey.

“The whole OR team is sending the best to Chad in the next few days as he makes his summit bid,” said Dan Nordstrom, president and CEO of Outdoor Research and a friend of Kellogg’s since 2004. “All our good energy is headed your way, man, for a strong, safe ascent and descent!”

Samuel Bricker of Outside TV Online who just returned from Everest base camp added, “Chad has some very strong support from the climbing community here at Everest base camp. Folks are in full support of Chad’s efforts. We’re all psyched for him! If anyone can do this speed climb and is prepared to do it, it’s Chad.”

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