Gear Review: Kahtoola KTS Steel Crampons

The Kahtoola KTS Steel Crampons take traction to a new level.

This snow travel system was designed for winter hiking, trail running, adventure racing, non-technical mountaineering, and glacial travel. The versatile KTS Crampons offer a lightweight and compact approach to staying on your feet. They are ideal for moderate and steep snow ascents and especially suited for rocky terrain. The fact that they have been used to climb Mt. Everest ought to provide some comfort if you decide to use them on ice or when shoveling snow.

Kahtoola did not design these crampons for use on steep ice-covered climbs because the forward-facing front points do not exist. They do provide superior traction running downhill on ice-covered trails and frontage roads. Unstable footing is the last thing one wants darting in his/her head while screaming down a trail being whipped by pine branches.

The genius of these crampons is its design. They are compatible with almost any footwear. Its patented LeafSpring extender bar offers a lifetime warranty and enormous flexibility. There are three different extender bar lengths and adjustments can be done without tools. The extender bar is made from two layers of stainless spring steel and smartly connects the toe and heel pieces to an array of shoe sizes.

There is full-sole coverage with independent front and rear straps along with a unique strap-guide adjustment. The crampons collapse and fit into a tote bag approximately the same size and weight as a one-liter water bottle.

These bad boys weigh only 23.3 ounces, sport 10 one-inch points made from 4130 chromoly heat-treated steel (1/4-inch longer and sharper than the aluminum model), match one’s natural gait with reduced snagging and snow-packing, and are available in gender-specific sizes. The front points are 26-degrees open for optimal performance and flexible footwear options. The packing dimensions are 4” x 4” x 8.”

MSRP is $159.

The KTS Steel Crampons epitomize the beauty of a lightweight and durable apparatus capable of punishing rocks, roots, ice, and seemingly anything in its path. Its year-round uses are limited only to one’s imagination. See further details at or 1.866.330.8030.

To purchase a pair of Kahtoola KTS Steel Crampons, click here.

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