Gear Review: Bheestie Bag

Here’s a story you can probably relate to, in one way or another:

I was on a snowshoeing trip and decided to stop by a frozen creek.  I needed some water, so I broke open the ice and dropped in my filter.  But that’s not all I dropped in the water: My GPS device fell from my backpack and into the water.  Panic.

At the time, I didn’t have anything to help dry out my device.  Granted it was submersed for only a few seconds (in extremely cold water).  All I could do was take out the batteries and wrap it in a cloth.  Later, I was happy to discover that it was still working, but the display had some defects and the button reaction time was delayed.  It hasn’t worked the same since.

Most of this tragedy could’ve been avoided if I had a Bheestie Bag handy.  The Bheestie works to remove moisture from personal electronics – simple as that.  The goal is to help maintain and maybe revive wet cell phones, iPods, cameras, etc.  In turn, this saves money and decreases wasteful dumping of electronics.

The great thing about the Bheestie is that it’s good for removing everyday moisture from electronics.  For example, when I use my iPod during a workout, it sometimes gets wet with sweat.  Not ideal.  But it happens.  After my workout, I drop my iPod in my Bheestie Bag for drying out.  Later, the iPod continues to work like it did the previous day – no worries at all.

Basically, it works like this:

  • Turn off your electronic item, remove it from its protective case, (if applicable) and then place it in the Bheestie Bag
  • Do not remove the beads from the clear pouch
  • Seal the bag tight
  • To remove everyday moisture, leave the electronic item in the Bag overnight or until next use
  • If the item has been soaked or submerged, immediately remove its battery and place it in the Bheestie Bag – leaving it in for 24 to 72 hours
  • If used for everyday moisture removal (and is kept sealed tight at all times), the bag will last for up to one year.
  • If using the Bag to save a wet cell phone, iPod and other electronic items, its lifespan will be shorter.

In the Bag’s bead pouch, there are a small amount of blue “indicator” beads.  When these turn gray, it is time to replace Bheestie.

This is an item you should have in your backpack, just in case.  It doesn’t take up room and the Bag is light.  No brainer!

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