Snowshoe season underway

Snowshoe season is officially underway now.

The first snowshoe race of the season began this past weekend a few hours to the north of us with the ever challenging Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race near Low, Quebec. It sounded like Mother Nature smiled upon the first race of Mike Caldwell’s popular race series and dumped a whack of fresh snow on the Gatineau Hills the week of the race.

We don’t tend to get quite the same snowfall here in Eastern Ontario, but have been lucky to have enough snow on the ground to be out snowshoe running every day for the past week. Getting in those first few snowshoe runs of the season are magical. The feeling of skimming over new powder with snow flipping up your back is sure to make you feel alive and at one with nature.

Even though Sara and I have both been recovering from nagging injuries and haven’t been able to run as much as we’d like, we have been embracing each and every snowshoe run to its fullest.

Another great benefit personally of an early snowfall is that snowshoe running has actually enabled us to run a little more pain-free and deal with our running injuries better than if we were trying to run on harder surfaces like a road or even frozen trail. In my injury case, the tracking of my knee has been a problem so extensive physio has been prescribed that includes quad and glute strengthening. I can think of no better way to strengthen these muscle groups than strapping on the snowshoes.

So, here’s hoping for a daily dash of fresh snow. Good for recovery and great for the soul.

See you on the trails,


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