Gear Review: Petzl MYOBELT XP Headlamp

The beauty of snowshoeing is that it can be done most anywhere at anytime. We know how exhilarating it is to snowshoe during the day. Sunset offers an entirely different level of exhilaration for the snowshoer.

The combination of darkness, colder temperatures, deafening silence, and diminished visual acuity enhance the experience. One’s awareness is often tested by his/her surroundings—this is especially true for those of us who frequent forests, mountain trails, and the like. When snow cover and moonlight fail to provide sufficient navigation light the Petzl MYOBELT XP Headlamp will rock your world.

The XP is loaded with features without being cumbersome. It is designed for use in cold temperatures and is ideal for the snowshoer who thrives in extreme conditions. Its compact design, adjustable elastic headband, and remote battery pack allows the snowshoer to focus on snowshoeing without lugging weighty hardware on his/her head.

Features include:

-A high-output LED for powerful lighting;
-A wide-angle lens [made of impact-resistant polycarbonate] for seamlessly switching between beam widths;
-A Strobe Mode for signaling;
-A Boost Mode;
-A battery charge indicator light;
-Much more.

High-output lighting:

-Maximum light output is super bright at 85 lumens;
-Boost Mode reaches 150 lumens and shines 318 feet.

Headlamp lighting offers three settings—economic, maximum, and optimum. The remote battery pack reduces the weight worn on the head to a mere 2.6 ounces. The three AAA/LR6 re-chargeable batteries [included] may now be kept toasty in the battery pack next to one’s body. The light body can be tilted in desired directions and angles. It is a water-resistant unit and the battery charge indicator light warns the snowshoer when the batteries are 70% [orange light] and 90% [red light] discharged. The control panel switches are protected from accidental operation. Petzl offers a three-year guarantee.

This is an incredibly lightweight and powerful unit designed for intense use in cold and extreme conditions. It is ideal for snowshoeing, trail running, ice climbing, mountaineering, and so forth. The MSRP is about $80. Prices vary by site and retailer.

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