Gear Review: Aruba Sport Wave 2 Sunglasses

There is no point in snowshoeing if one cannot see where s/he is headed. Take it from someone who is extremely rough with sunglasses. If you have ever been blinded by the reflection of the sun off the snow you know what I mean.

Sunglasses need to be lightweight. They need to be durable in extreme conditions. Sunglasses need to provide optimal glare reduction. Manufacturers of sunglasses need to provide options to snowshoers dropping their hard-earned cash on sunglasses. These options include but are not limited to multiple lenses, cases, straps, and the like.

Aruba Sport offers an exceptional line of sunglasses and options for athletes participating in several sports. I was intrigued by the fact that Aruba Sport eye products are guaranteed against all hazards for life.  They offer a bold array of colors and frames to fit any face. The Wave 2 came in a sturdy case with three interchangeable lenses [amber, blue, and clear], two carrying cases—one for the glasses and one for the lenses. The company logo was prominent on each item.

I was fortunate to twice run Colorado mountain trails in
brilliant sunshine one day, and snowshoe said trails the next day in
overcast conditions plus 22-and-18 inches of snow, respectively. I was
impressed with the glare reduction offered by the blue lenses, and the
visual acuity by the amber lenses in less than ideal conditions. The
lenses did not fog while snowshoeing. There was no lens distortion when
I wore the clear lenses when snowshoeing at night with and without a

Frame construction:

-Aruba Sport TR90 Nylon;
-Vented nylon nose pads;
-Polished metal hinge screws;

Lens construction:

-High-impact polycarbonate;
-Titanium lens coating;
-Anti-reflective coating on amber and clear lenses;

Wave 2 weigh .67 ounces and the polycarbonate offers shatterproof,
scratch-resistant, and excellent visual acuity. The Wave 2 is both
lightweight and durable. MSRP is $69.95. Visit for details.

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