Gear Review: Salomon Winter Boots

When snowshoe running, the high impact, heat-generating nature of the activity means that you typically can get by using trail or running shoes and gaiters. For hiking on extremely cold days, something warmer and more protective of the elements will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable outing. Salomon makes winter boot options that work well for snowshoeing. They are functional, fit exceptionally well and are relatively light.

The lacing system is very easy to do up and undo, and the eyelet design ensures that the laces distribute evenly, preventing any pressure points.

The toebox is very roomy, both height and width-wise, which helps keep your feet warm, and can accommodate a heavier sock.

Both boots are good for other winter activities, including hanging around outside after a long day of snowshoeing, where they allow your feet to maintain their warmth. They have a stylish, classic looking boot design that will easily fit into your regular lifestyle as well.

Salomon Scrambler FG Thinsulate

A specific model that works well for snowshoeing is the Scrambler FG TS. It is a warm and functional boot constructed of waterproof full-grain leather upper. Inside, Thinsulate insulation gives them an active temperature rating of -20F.

Other key features of the Scrambler included the Superfat Winter Sockliner which provides an additional 8mm of foam protection from the cold ground. The thick EVA midsole offers great cushioning and support, while the rubber outsole and trim allows for surprisingly good flexibility for a boot with this much protection.

Salomon Toundra Mid WP

For days when it’s even colder, for those who struggle with the cold, who are planning on taking long breaks, or wanting to hang out after a day on the trail without returning indoors, the Toundra Mid WP is an optimal choice for winter footwear.

With the use of Aspen AerogelsTM technology, you may never have to worry about your feet being cold again as they provide an active temperature rating of -40F. We found the fit, feel and comfort of the Toundra to be quite comparable to that of the Scrambler, though likely too warm for days when you are working hard on the trails.

Both the Scrambler FG Thinsulate and the Toundra Mid WP accommodate snowshoe bindings easily. To keep the heel strap of the snowshoe securely in place, there is a notched groove at the back of the boot that the strap lies in perfectly. Whether this was part of the functional design or not, we’re not sure, but it works well.

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