Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Lightweight Power Stretch Zip T and Boot Length Tight

I’m reluctant to admit the number of days I recently wore Mountain Hardwear’s Lightweight Power Stretch Zip T and Boot Length Tights without laundering them. On a two-week Himalayan trek, they were the base layer that I reached for almost daily. They simply cannot be beat for odour repellence, softness and warmth, while their wicking properties are also excellent. I always felt dry and comfortable despite the varying temperatures I encountered, from deep morning chill to afternoon sun. The stretchy fabric is non-constraining and smooth, making it easy to slip outer layers on and off.

The Lightweight Power Stretch Zip T has a nice long body that stops drafts from slipping in and chilling my core area, and I appreciate the comfortable zipper that fits exactly right and is not scratchy. The zipper is also an excellent temperature control feature. Although on this trip I preferred the sound of yak bells to that of rock ‘n roll, I know I will enjoy the iPod pocket in the sleeve for future urban cold weather adventures.

The Lightweight Power Stretch Boot Length Tight echoes the thoughtful features of the Zip T. I was initially unsure if I would enjoy the shorter boot length, but found it quite convenient as it eliminates bulkiness around the ankle area. My socks easily reach the bottom of the tight, so there are no gaps. The elastic waistband is soft and doesn’t pinch, while seams are flat, virtually undetectable and are cleverly positioned to avoid abrasion areas.

Mountain Hardwear has established a solid presence and reputation with Himalayan trekkers and mountaineers, as I noticed their distinctive logo on numerous occasions while travelling through the Khumbu region of Nepal. Their Lightweight Power Stretch Zip T and Boot Length Tight are yet another example of excellent design and attention to detail. I recommend them to snowshoers and all other outdoor enthusiasts for high intensity cold weather activities.

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