Hydration Drink Review: Vital Action Performance Water

I enjoy a good hydration drink.  Although, nowadays, there are several to choose from and most drink coolers are full of choices that are obscure.  Coolers are also full of mainstream brand hydration and energy drinks, like Gatorade and Red Bull.  But, the influence of hydration water drinks has caught on, especially with snowshoers.  Vital Action Performance Water is a drink that replenishes and provides that extra boost necessary before and after a day of snowshoeing.

When I first tried Vital Action, I was reminded of the recent goofiness of such drinks like Vitamin Water.  These celebrity-promoted products were a slow-minded attempt at convincing the consumer public that water can be more than just water: It can have vitamins!  Mmmm…vitamins.  But such products were known as energy drinks, not hydration drinks.  Vital Action Performance Water doesn’t temporarily boost energy (i.e., Vitamin Water or Red Bull), it helps your body prepare for high performance – somewhat like fuel.

Vital Action Water is available in seven simple, color-coded flavors:








Vital Action is also a low-calorie drink that is made with 100% natural products.  It doesn’t have overwhelming flavor and tastes.  Vital Action has more of a subtle essence that’s based on four core attributes:

Stamina (key ingredient is Arginine) – Prepares your body for exercise while improving immunity function

Energy (key ingredient is Panax Ginseng) – Naturally stimulates the central nervous system and promotes circulation

Immunity (key ingredient is Echinecea) – Simulates your immune system and helps fight infection

Recovery (key ingredient is N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine) – A powerful antioxidant to help eliminate free radicals and speed recovery

My favorite Vital Action flavor is Yellow=Tropical, as pictured.  However, all flavors proved to be very tasty.  I first tested Vital Action’s effectiveness before a community flag football game.  I was able to sustain my energy and hydrate throughout the day.  And I was able to catch an interception, run for one touchdown and I was able to rundown an opponent to keep them from scoring.  Not bad.  Although I don’t know if it was because of Vital Action, but I like to think so. 

The next test came before a snowshoe outing.  I drank a Vital Action before a snowshoe run to gain an energy boost.  And I drank a Vital Action after snowshoeing to regain energy.  Both proved to work to my advantage.  However, I didn’t feel different after drinking the “before” Vital Action, but I did feel an energy recovery after drinking the second.  It certainly proved to be essential after a vigorous snowshoe outing. 

Go try Vital Action and see what it does for your workout or snowshoe adventure.  For more information on Vital Action Performance Water, visit www.VitalActionWater.com.

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