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Over the years, I regularly receive an e-mail or a phone call from an eager snowshoer wanting advice on what kind of backpack to purchase.  Of course, I’ve tried many and have my opinions.  Where I find my opinion becomes rather fierce is the availability of a backpack engineered for snowshoers.   This is a very difficult item to find in the world.  Until now, conveniently!  This is because you’re reading Snowshoe Magazine – the only publication focusing entirely on the sport of snowshoeing.  So, I introduce to you…GV Snowshoes’ Technical Backpack for snowshoers.

It’s rare that I get to review a product from an advertiser.  Most of my advertisers are snowshoe manufacturers, which is fine.  But, I have always stayed away from reviewing snowshoes (meaning the entire organization stays away from it as well).  There’s a reason: If we review one, we review them all.  I want to make it fair.  And we surely don’t have the manpower to undertake a project of that magnitude.  It’s information I would love to provide, but I feel that Snowshoemag would quickly become the wrong kind of resource for the snowshoe world.  My suggestion is to rent a pair of snowshoes and then make your purchase decision – real world experience means more, believe me.

If you have any ideas on how Snowshoe Magazine can provide snowshoe gear reviews, please let me know (ryan@snowshoemag.com).

We love reviewing clothing, jackets, shoes, backpacks and other accessories.  That’s the icing on our Italian Cream Cake (my favorite).  The recent gob of “icing” is GV Snowshoes’ Technical Backpack.  When I first tested this pack, I was overwhelmed with how well it performed as a snowshoeing backpack.  Finally!  I found it! 

Here’s the “why” – this pack is made by a Canadian snowshoeing company, GV Snowshoes.  Obviously, they know what snowshoers want.  The Tech Pack (as I like to call it) is made for the backcountry snowshoer.  It can carry snowshoes (or a snowboard), telescopic poles, a shovel and other equipment.  It’s pretty sweet, for lack of a better slang term. 

I always have my snowshoes strapped to the Tech Pack so I can easily plan a trip and leave the next day.  This prevents me from having to organize and gather gear.  It’s all right there and ready to go.

Additionally, it just makes me feel good to support a Canadian company like GV (read my blog and then you’ll know why: https://www.snowshoemag.com/editor.cfm).

Here are the way-cool features:

*It has a total of 45-liters of volume and includes a lateral expanded panel for more storage.  This is huge space for a medium-sized backpack.

*It’s made of 600 Denier Rip Stop and is water resistant.  If you need something made tough, this is what you need.  I’ve scraped this up against trees and I use it as a “butt warmer” when I sit down.

*The internal frame structure is more ergonomic (compared to other packs) for comfort.  This is supported by a free flow system that allows moisture to easily evaporate between the pack and your back.  This is one of the best features, in my opinion.

*It has ergonomic waist and shoulder padded straps.  It also includes side pockets for quick and easy storage.

*Lateral Velcro straps can help hold a shovel, telescopic poles or other equipment

*The front panel can be adapted to carry snowshoes when going down a hill and a snowboard when going up hill

*To protect you from extremely wet conditions, the Tech Pack has a water resistant rain cover that covers the entire pack.  It can then be easily restored in a special pocket near the bottom of the pack (which surprisingly adds some padding).  This is another feature I love.

That’s the gist of it.  Snowshoers can sleep better at night knowing there is a backpack especially made for them.  Now it’s time to have a jacket that’s more snowshoer-friendly.  That’s the challenge I place in front of the snowshoe manufacturers.  Because there are features in a jacket that make life more livable when snowshoeing.  The only hint I can provide is simple: a GORE-TEX shell isn’t everything, but a soft shell that can protect in the bitter cold is what makes my hair stand on end with excitement.  Sorry for the visual.

For more information about GV Snowshoes, visit http://www.gvsnowshoes.com.

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