Gear Review: Moving Comfort Sports Bras

Moving Comfort was established in 1977 when its founders wanted to make a line of workout clothing designed specifically for women’s bodies and movement. Since then, the company has stayed true to that vision, with their motto “A fit woman is a powerful woman.”

Like their entire active clothing line, their sports bras are characterized by rich, vibrant colors that really stand out from most of the paler options that are typical of sports bras (though basic white and black are also available).  They are more than pretty though, as they function very well in tough winter conditions.

As the layer closest to the skin, a sports bra is critically important for winter sports like snowshoeing. Moving Comfort bras are categorized by both size and impact level of the intended use. Two models that work well for snowshoe running are the Dori (pictured in Blueberry) and the Cameo Racer Back (pictured in Wild Rose). Both have a racer back style which allows for a free range of motion, and both use technical fabrics that are specifically used for moisture management.

The Cameo uses ‘Drylayer’ technology that pulls moisture away from the skin to help with this troublesome problem. It is thick and soft, and traps warmed air to provide extra comfort on really cold days.

The Dori has a stretchier exterior with more Lycra, and a seam-free interior that is both chafe-resistant and very breathable. Because of this added breathability, the Dori stays drier and is better suited for longer excursions where this feature is more vital.

An additional feature of the Dori is the keyhole back with hook and eye closure for easy on and off. After a tiring day on snowshoes, not having to struggle with this layer is a helpful thing.

Both the Cameo and Dori have great fit and are extremely comfortable and functional, and the great look will have you happily reaching for them as you dress for your snowshoe outings this winter.

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