Unique ‘Hot Air For Hearts’ Snowshoe Race and Balloon Rally at Lakewoods Resort

The region’s snowshoe race circuit ends its season on Saturday, March 15th, 2008 at the Lakewoods Resort, Cable, Wisconsin, with the running of the ‘Hot Air For Hearts’ 5km and 10km snowshoe race/walk. Combined with Lakewoods’ Hot Air Balloon Rally, the festive weekend is a creative fund raiser for the heart benefit initiative of the Cable Lions Club.

This unique combo of racing snowshoes and magnificent hot air balloons brings out snowshoers and balloonists throughout the region. “None other like it in the country that we know of,” exclaimed P.C. Rasmussen, Lakewoods Resort owner.

“This charity event is great for the family and is a fantastic way to get out and enjoy the last big snow event of the winter. All the colors of the balloons and the athleticism of the racers make for a fun and festive atmosphere. Both are very exciting to watch.”

The snowshoe race kicks off Saturday morning, March 15, at 9:00 a.m. with two distances: 10km race and a family friendly snowshoe race/walk 5km. All registration is the morning of the event at the resort.

This rolling course, starting in view of the resorts’ web cam, has a variety of XC ski trails, climbs, valleys and vista views. P.C. proudly thinks, “This is the most beautiful snowshoe course in the Midwest.”

Hot Air Balloon rides will be available starting Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Participants report the flight and views are “incredible.” A night ‘Glow-In’ with the fully inflated colorful three story orbs lighting up the ice as guests in the dining room and spectators alike are treated to a fantastic sight.

“This is a real highlight of the year,” P.C. commented.

Snowshoe athletes throughout the region are expected to participate in the races, along with families with/without children and new snowshoers, marveling at the Balloons flying through the air while they dash on the ground with their snowshoes.

PC concluded, “This is an entirely not-for-profit race where 100% of the proceeds go to Heart related causes. Past events have bought defibrillators for 1st Responders and Emergency Vehicles.”

The entry fee is $25. Overall winner and age-class awards will be presented.

The commercial balloonists give rides for the Lions Club Heart Charity. A $50 donation is asked, but any amount is appreciated.

Lakewoods Resort is owned and operated by the Rasmussen Family, now in its fourth generation, for over 100 years.

(picture: hot air balloons on Lake Namakagon, at Lakewoods Resort, Cable, WI, during previous festival)

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Phillip Gary Smith, author – http://www.ultrasuperior.com

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